San Dimas Today

An in-depth look at and celebration of all things Bill & Ted.

Those Who Can Shred

Jason and Kelly interview Oscar-Nominated Composer David Newman and discuss his career and involvement with both films. Also, the guys go over listener feedback and discuss [...]
Posted: Wed November 14, 2018

Deacon Logan, Drug Kingpin

It’s Halloween, Dudes! In honor of the holiday, the guys discuss Bill & Ted’s worst fears and some fears of their own. They also delve into the much darker [...]
Posted: Wed October 31, 2018

Napoleon’s View from Waterloo

Jason and Kelly talk with special guest Terry "Napoleon" Camilleri. Also, the guys discuss the personages of historical significance, the actors who portrayed them, and [...]
Posted: Wed October 17, 2018

Episode 3, Formerly 1

Jason and Kelly look at all things Station, consider the hidden tragedies of a white-washed of heaven, discuss the power dynamics in Missy's various relationships, and review [...]
Posted: Wed October 3, 2018

Episode 2, Formerly 3, Take 5 (with Chris Matheson)

Jason and Kelly debate the magic of haircuts and interview Bill & Ted co-creator, screenwriter, and novelist Chris Matheson who kindly sheds light on a variety of topics like [...]
Posted: Wed September 19, 2018

Episode 1, Take 2

Jason T. Meares, Esq.* and Kelly Hoyle Bolick introduce themselves and waste no time diving into the ground rules for discussing Bill & Ted. Later in the show, childhood [...]
Posted: Wed September 5, 2018

San Dimas Today Teaser

A snippet from Episode 1 of San Dimas Today - the Bill & Ted podcast - in which our most excellent hosts discuss if either film could be made today.
Posted: Mon August 27, 2018