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fan/fiction Season 1.5

Fri July 13, 2018

What's a half a season? Well, it's both an opportunity to follow up on subjects and ideas from the first season and a chance to release a few nuggets of entertainment that [...]

Joey Kneiser (Glossary) releases ‘Mr. Presto’ trailer

Fri June 29, 2018

Joey Kneiser (Glossary) releases the first trailer for his first full-length film, Mr. Presto.

Hott Minute Season One Theme Songs

Mon June 25, 2018

With Hott Minute taking a quick break from new episodes, now would be a great time to reflect on the numerous theme songs that were submitted to the show (and maybe even [...]

Dave Paulson announces TOMMY BOY album

Mon June 18, 2018

Dave Paulson - of NORM, The Privates and My So-Called Band - is set to release a concept album based around the 1995 Chris Farley vehicle, TOMMY BOY. The album, "Sandusky, [...]

Network 77

Thu June 14, 2018

A 40-minute sketch comedy and variety show extravaganza featuring a cavalcade of familiar Nashville faces and talent.