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About We Own This Town

We are a platform for showcasing talent from Nashville found outside the mainstream. Country Music, Honky Tonks and Music Row are a fine starting point for referencing our city but there are a multitude of musicians, comedians, artists and creators that exist outside those bounds. We Own This Town aims to help shine a light on those talents.

Over the past twelve years we’ve showcased hundreds of albums, EP’s and singles from musicians possibly overlooked by the masses. We’ve highlighted the best shows to attend and we’ve compiled hours and hours of local music through the WOTT Music podcast.

Our aim is to continue this work but expand our view beyond just music. We are launching a series of podcasts over the coming months that will highlight a multitude of topics and entertainment, all created by Nashville area locals.

The Studio

We’re opening our doors to anyone in the Nashville area that wants to record a podcast of their own. Often the hardest part of getting your idea out into the world is simply having the right recording equipment. Read more about our space over on The Studio page.

On a historical note, “We Own This Town” comes from the Ole Mossy Face song “Calls & Walls.” The site was founded by Doug Lehmann, for whom we are immensely thankful.