The Fast and The Curious: Tokyo Driftin’ with Jasmin Kaset

San Dimas Today presents The Fast and The Curious – a quarantine inspired mini-series in which hosts Jason T. Meares, Esq and Kelly Hoyle Bolick subject themselves to every film in the Fast and Furious franchise. Every single one. Bill & Ted coverage will return shortly.

This week, shockingly devoted Fast and Furious enthusiast Jasmin Kaset joins Kelly and Jason on their journey through every film in the Fast and Furious franchise. Together, they discuss Tokyo Drift, the third installment of the series and arguably the final flog of the gauntlet before true fandom sets in. Lucas Black wins the Everyman Award, Sung Chang is gone too soon and everyone feels reasonably impressed by the actual tokyo drifting.

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Intro Music: “Walk Away” by Scott Bricklin

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