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An in-depth look at and celebration of all things Bill & Ted.

The Fast and The Curious: Engines 11

San Dimas Today continue their love affair with The Fast and The Furious. This episode, they dive into Fast 5 with longtime friend and car guru, Brian Stearman.
Posted: Wed May 20, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: Fast & Curious

Kelly and Jason watch Fast and Furious and it all starts to come together.
Posted: Wed May 13, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: Tokyo Driftin’ with Jasmin Kaset

Shockingly devoted Fast and Furious enthusiast Jasmin Kaset joins Kelly and Jason on their journey through every film in the Fast and Furious franchise.
Posted: Wed May 6, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: 2 Fast 2 Curious

Jason and Kelly discuss the not at all disappointing or confounding 2 Fast 2 Furious, which is the perfect sequel, and seems to have worked out just as the studio had hoped.
Posted: Wed April 29, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: The First Quarter Mile

San Dimas Today presents The Fast and The Curious: The guys begin their journey into the Fast Saga.
Posted: Wed April 22, 2020

San Dimas Today presents: The Fast and the Curious

Introducing a new limited series in which Kelly and Jason try to cheer each other up from afar by watching the Fast and Furious series. Will it be a fool's errand?
Posted: Wed April 15, 2020

It’s Your Mom, Dude (with Dr. Amy Stoch)

The guys interview everyone’s favorite stepmom Missy, I mean Dr. Amy Stoch, about her career and experiences filming the Bill & Ted movies.
Posted: Wed February 5, 2020

Less Than the Gestation Period of an Elephant

In a special holiday episode, the guys discuss updates on Face the Music, the announcement of a new composer, Keanu Day, and the benefits of low-key fandom in the wake of the [...]
Posted: Fri December 27, 2019

12 Milkmen Is Theoretically Possible

Discussions on Don Zimmerman, the 1993 hidden gem “Freaked” and the future of San Dimas Today.
Posted: Thu October 3, 2019

Bill & Ted & Randolph

Steven Shepherd, Randolph from Excellent Adventure, speaks with Jason and Kelly about behind-the-scenes stories of the shoot.
Posted: Wed August 28, 2019

Maybe They Watched a Different Bill & Ted?

The guys delve into the subtext (and text) rich world of Bill & Ted fan fiction, review the history of fan-fic, and discuss the latest casting news and set photos from Face [...]
Posted: Thu August 15, 2019

The Clock in San Dimas is Always Running

Jason and Kelly discuss the rules of Time Travel and the troubles with toxic fandom.
Posted: Wed July 17, 2019