San Dimas Today

An in-depth look at and celebration of all things Bill & Ted.

San Dimas Today presents: The Fast and the Curious

Introducing a new limited series in which Kelly and Jason try to cheer each other up from afar by watching the Fast and Furious series. Will it be a fool's errand?
Posted: Wed April 15, 2020

It’s Your Mom, Dude (with Dr. Amy Stoch)

The guys interview everyone’s favorite stepmom Missy, I mean Dr. Amy Stoch, about her career and experiences filming the Bill & Ted movies.
Posted: Wed February 5, 2020

Less Than the Gestation Period of an Elephant

In a special holiday episode, the guys discuss updates on Face the Music, the announcement of a new composer, Keanu Day, and the benefits of low-key fandom in the wake of the [...]
Posted: Fri December 27, 2019

12 Milkmen Is Theoretically Possible

Discussions on Don Zimmerman, the 1993 hidden gem “Freaked” and the future of San Dimas Today.
Posted: Thu October 3, 2019

Bill & Ted & Randolph

Steven Shepherd, Randolph from Excellent Adventure, speaks with Jason and Kelly about behind-the-scenes stories of the shoot.
Posted: Wed August 28, 2019

Maybe They Watched a Different Bill & Ted?

The guys delve into the subtext (and text) rich world of Bill & Ted fan fiction, review the history of fan-fic, and discuss the latest casting news and set photos from Face [...]
Posted: Thu August 15, 2019

The Clock in San Dimas is Always Running

Jason and Kelly discuss the rules of Time Travel and the troubles with toxic fandom.
Posted: Wed July 17, 2019

Worthy of Having a Crappy Cereal

A rundown on Face the Music casting news and a fireside chat with Becky Delius, the voice of the show and first time viewer of the films.
Posted: Wed July 3, 2019

The Keanussance

The guys take a victory lap after a successful Bill & Ted Day celebration, review casting news from Face the Music, and discuss Keanu Reeves’s cultural moment.
Posted: Wed June 19, 2019

Time Has Told (with Noel Murray)

The guys chat with pop culture writer and film critic Noel Murray about the critical reception of Excellent Adventure, time travel in Avengers: Endgame, and also get some [...]
Posted: Wed June 5, 2019

Bill & Ted Day

Jason and Kelly invite you to Vinyl Tap here in Nashville to celebrate Bill & Ted Day, June 9th, 2019.
Posted: Wed May 29, 2019

Season 2 Preview and Bill & Ted Day Announcement

The guys discuss the official announcement of Bill & Ted Face the Music, preview Season 2 of San Dimas Today, and announce an excellent Bill & Ted Day Celebration at Vinyl Tap [...]
Posted: Fri April 5, 2019