My Fantasy Funeral

Imagine you are dead but you get to design your own funeral.

Mary Mancini

Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party and long-time activist, details her fantasy funeral featuring an appearance by Beyoncé and the man who gave us Common Sense.
Posted: Mon October 28, 2019

Caitlin Rose

Songwriter and vocalist Caitlin Rose takes us through an elegant evening of laughter, tears, martinis, and dancing for her fantasy funeral.
Posted: Mon October 14, 2019

Jasmin Kaset

Jasmin Kaset, songwriter and vocalist shares her fantasy funeral full of humor, John Hartford, and future hauntings.
Posted: Mon September 30, 2019

Nathanael Mehrens

Nathanael Mehrens, creator of Matchless coffee soda and co-founder of the Stay Golden cafes, shares his nature-themed fantasy funeral.
Posted: Mon September 16, 2019

Kyshona Armstrong

Kyshona Armstrong, songwriter and vocalist, reveals the plan for her fantasy funeral -- complete with an appearance by Oprah Winfrey.
Posted: Mon September 2, 2019

Sarah Souther

Sarah Souther, creator of Nashville's Bang Candy Company, describes the vision of her fantasy funeral as a jolly event full of laughter and beauty.
Posted: Mon August 19, 2019

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams, designer and one half of art studio New Hat, details the vision for her fiery fantasy funeral, including the mushroom suit in which she would like to be buried.
Posted: Mon August 5, 2019

Spencer Cullum, Jr.

Spencer Cullum Jr., pedal steel guitar player and one half of Steelism, gives Ryan a lesson in Cockney rhyming slang, lays out his vision for a game show-styled eulogy, and [...]
Posted: Mon July 22, 2019

Larissa Maestro

Larissa Maestro, a Nashville cellist and vocalist, discusses the importance of performing classical works that are rarely heard, the Philippine tradition of Spirit Food which [...]
Posted: Mon July 8, 2019

Trevor Mikula

Trevor Mikula, a self-taught Nashville painter, discusses growing up gay in a severely strict Christian home, the musical that opened his eyes to issues of the world when he [...]
Posted: Mon June 24, 2019

Tiffany Minton

Tiffany Minton, drummer and co-founder of the She's A Rebel girl group tribute show, discusses her early activism efforts, shares a song from a friend who has passed, and lets [...]
Posted: Mon June 10, 2019

Jeff Zentner

Jeff Zentner, award-winning YA author, details the five songs that he would choose for his fantasy funeral -- songs that have shaped both his childhood and his writing.
Posted: Mon May 27, 2019