Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is a graphic designer and one half of New Hat, a Nashville art and design studio that has transformed much of the city’s interior decor through wallpaper. Growing up in East Tennessee, the only hint that she might one day have an artistic career came from the crafts she would make with her grandmother for their local bazaar. Now with her New Hat partner Kelly Diehl, she is responsible for the vibrant wall coverings and art installations found in numerous Nashville establishments such as Dozen Bakery, the Noelle Hotel, and The Green Pheasant.

On this episode of My Fantasy Funeral, she and host Ryan Breegle discuss her love for ‘gloopy piano music,’ the immigrant cartoon mouse who spoke to her as a child, and her desire to be remembered by friends and family on psychedelics around a fire.

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Imagine you are dead but you get to design your own funeral.