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Larissa Maestro

Larissa Maestro, a Nashville cellist and vocalist, discusses the importance of performing classical works that are rarely heard, the Philippine tradition of Spirit Food which she got from her mother, and the science fiction character who she would choose to deliver her fantasy eulogy.

Trevor Mikula

Trevor Mikula, a self-taught Nashville painter, discusses growing up gay in a severely strict Christian home, the musical that opened his eyes to issues of the world when he was 18, and how he hopes to be remembered for decorating the lives of his friends.

Tiffany Minton

Tiffany Minton, drummer and co-founder of the She’s A Rebel girl group tribute show, discusses her early activism efforts, shares a song from a friend who has passed, and lets us in on the funeral surprise she has planned to unite her conservative family with her radical friends.

Julia Martin

Julia Martin, Nashville visual artist and art gallery owner, describes her fantasy funeral as a nighttime celebration going until the sun comes up and how she would like to be remembered by both her friends and her foes.

Sarah Bandy

Sarah Bandy, Executive Director at YEAH!, chooses her desire to keep the art of the bedtime story alive through the Nashville airwaves, and the motley crew of pallbearers she has tasked to carry her highly original casket to its final aquatic destination.

Matthew Pusti

Musician Matthew Pusti, aka Makeup & Vanity Set, chats about his early exposure to Vivaldi informing his music career, drawing from near death experiences as inspiration, and the Russian filmmaker who would deliver his eulogy. And, of course, his choice of five funeral songs.

My Fantasy Funeral with Becky Delius

On the inaugural episode of My Fantasy Funeral, host Ryan Breegle sits down with Becky Delius, champion of both humanitarian causes and over-the-top, ornate, fashion. They discuss the five songs that would be played at her funeral, the Southern orator who would speak to the bereaved and what Victorian tradition she would revive for her eternal preservation.