Filmography Club

Join passionate movie fan, and maybe-one-day cinephile, Jason Caviness as he invites a cast of like-minded co-conspirators to explore the filmographies of noted auteurs. Each installment takes a probing look into one particular movie from their body of work, asking What makes a movie work? Does this scene work? How does this film fit into the creator’s body of work? Jason and company will get into all of it on Filmography Club!

Jason Caviness

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Paul Thomas Anderson: Punch-Drunk Love

Jason and guest Caleb Dirks discuss PTA's shortest and quirkest film, the romantic black comedy Punch-Drunk Love.
Posted: Mon November 18, 2019
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Paul Thomas Anderson: Magnolia

Director Dycee Wildman joins Jason for a chat on the accidentally sprawling epic, Magnolia.
Posted: Tue October 29, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Boogie Nights

Host Jason Caviness and guest cinephile Will Fox discuss everything related to Paul Thomas Anderson's entry into the cultural zeitgeist, Boogie Nights.
Posted: Tue October 15, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Hard Eight

Filmography Club kicks off season one by taking a critical look at the work of Paul Thomas Anderson, starting with the beginning; Hard Eight.
Posted: Fri October 4, 2019
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