Filmography Club

Film fanatic Jason Caviness pores over an auteur’s filmography with a cast of cinephiles.

Jeremy Saulnier: Blue Ruin

Zack Hall, Belcourt Theatre programming coordinator, sits down to talk genre films and Jeremy Saulnier's Blue Ruin.
Posted: Tue July 21, 2020

Our Favorite Movies: Bride of Frankenstein with Mykki Newton

Jason sits down with film historian and writer Mykki Newton to discuss the 1935 classic Bride of Frankenstein and all of its subtexts.
Posted: Tue July 7, 2020

Our Favorite Movies: Jaws with Ted Ringeisen

Ted Ringeisen, LA filmmaker and cinematographer, joins Filmography Club to discuss his favorite movie; Jaws.
Posted: Tue June 23, 2020

Paul Thomas Anderson: Phantom Thread

Dycee Wildman joins us for our Season 1 finale, as we take a look at the eighth film of PTA's oeuvre, Phantom Thread.
Posted: Tue February 4, 2020

Paul Thomas Anderson: Inherent Vice

Jason is joined by Meaghin Burke - attorney, director, actor, film geek and rabid reader - for a discussion about the oft misunderstood 2014 fever dream, Inherent Vice.
Posted: Tue January 21, 2020

Paul Thomas Anderson: The Master

Jason Caviness and guest Becky Delius discuss PTA's dense post-WWII psychological drama, The Master.
Posted: Tue January 7, 2020

Commentary Special: Die Hard

Queue up your copy of DIE HARD and press play during the opening fanfare to hear Jason Caviness, Dycee Wildman and Caleb Dirks comment on this classic film.
Posted: Tue December 17, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: There Will Be Blood

Jason Caviness tackles the towering cinematic fifth PTA film and brings along two guests to dissect it all.
Posted: Tue December 3, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Punch-Drunk Love

Jason and guest Caleb Dirks discuss PTA's shortest and quirkest film, the romantic black comedy Punch-Drunk Love.
Posted: Mon November 18, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Magnolia

Director Dycee Wildman joins Jason for a chat on the accidentally sprawling epic, Magnolia.
Posted: Tue October 29, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Boogie Nights

Host Jason Caviness and guest cinephile Will Fox discuss everything related to Paul Thomas Anderson's entry into the cultural zeitgeist, Boogie Nights.
Posted: Tue October 15, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: Hard Eight

Filmography Club kicks off season one by taking a critical look at the work of Paul Thomas Anderson, starting with the beginning; Hard Eight.
Posted: Fri October 4, 2019