Our Favorite Movies: Ikiru with Toby Leonard

This episode we discuss Ikiru, the 1952 Japanese drama directed by the renowned Akira Kurosawa that beautifully tells the tale of Kanji Watanabe, a bureaucrat looking for meaning at the end of his life.

Host Jason Caviness is joined by Toby Leonard, the Programming Director of Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre since 2004. Leonard was part of the group that set forth to save the historic neighborhood theater in 1999 and played a significant part in making the destination a nationally recognized venue with a healthy mix of first-run and repertory programming. Additionally, he’s handled releases for Kino Lorber, Polsky Films, and Drag City among others, and as a technical consultant for the Provincetown and Key West Film Festivals. Most importantly, Ikiru and Kurosawa films are his comfort food.

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Music by Uncle Skeleton

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