Denis Villeneuve: Arrival

This episode, we dive into the film that brought Villeneuve into the spotlight – 2016’s Arrival. The science-fiction / drama with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Wittaker was, deservingly, nominated for a ton of awards and won several of them (including the Oscar for Best Sound Editing)! Arrival is another of those Villeneuve movies that works just fine the first time you see it but only through repeated viewings does the full scope of accomplishment truly reveal itself.

To discuss these layers, we welcome back Los Angeles based filmmaker and cinematographer Ted Ringeisen. You may remember him from last season, where we talked about Green Room and Ted’s favorite movie Jaws. Any excuse to sit down with Ted is a good one.

Filmography Club gets into spoilers pretty quickly and this episode is no different! Be warned, spoilers ahead.

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Music by Uncle Skeleton. Cover photo by Wilson Webb.

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