Denis Villeneuve: Dune Part One

Filmography Club discusses plot lines and spoilers right from the start, so please consider this your warning before diving in. In this episode in particular, the entirety of Dune is discussed; even the upcoming Part Two.

Today we wrap up the season 3 mission of covering the English language films of Denis Villeneuve, which means in this episode we’re talking about 2021’s (Oscar winning) Dune Part One. Joining us is Patrick Rodgers, a native Nashvillian who currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief at the Nashville Scene. Over his 13 year tenure at the publication, he has served as music listings editor, calendar editor, music editor and managing editor, writing and editing film, music, culture and news features and criticism. He’s also contributed to VICE, Rolling Stone, Garden & Gun, Ion and Spin among others. He writes some fiction, plays a couple of instruments and lives with his dog Ernie; whom he calls a delightful idiot. We thank him for his time.

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Music by Uncle Skeleton.

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