208: Abrupt Pleasure

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This week on WOTT Music we’ve got another fantastic dose of local music across a range of genres. I put this thing together every single week thinking THIS will be the week I can’t find enough music to include and every single week it’s a struggle to get it down to just 9 or 10 songs. It is the most wonderful problem to have.

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Liza Anne
“Bummer Days”

Caitlin Rose

“Fruit Yodel in Apt #2B”

“Bag/Purse (feat. Mike Floss)”

Jordan Xx
“Highs N Lows”

John The Shaman

And The Boys
“And the Boys”

Charlie Whitten
“Good Things”

Oral Sax
“Hold Me Tight”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Liza Anne.

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