207: Articulated Enraged Frustration

This week we find ourselves in a wealth of new music. So much of it, that we dip back into doubling up the tracks again because there’s just so much to share. There’s ten tracks this week and, honestly, the playlist is kind of wild in terms of genres but that’s an absolutely positive thing.

Click through below for more music and videos from Fu Stan, Mike Floss, Stereo Specter, Black Bra, Bellbear, FutureDog, Chuck Indigo, Ron Obasi, In Parallel and Jake Orrall + Kunal Prakash. Follow them on the various social networks to not miss out on new releases.

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Mike Floss
“Mind State”

Stereo Specter

Black Bra
“Modern Feminist”

“Suuun Daaazed”


Chuck Indigo
“Bad to the Bone”

Ron Obasi
“Good Rapz II”

In Parallel
“Leave It With the Ghost”

Jake Orrall And Kunal Prakash

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Fu Stan.

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