WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Volume 114

Keeping in step with the last episode, let's play around with the format a little bit. Instead of just attempting the show vaguely unprepared, this installment flips the [...]
Posted: Mon August 13, 2018

Volume 113

The one with no script but tons of great music. The range of genres and styles that Nashville has been delivering lately has been excellent.
Posted: Mon July 30, 2018

Volume 112

If there were more distinct episode titles for this show this one would be called "The Lonely Biscuits Apology" - as I learn a hearty lesson about judging a band too harshly [...]
Posted: Mon July 16, 2018

Volume 111

Plenty of goods to hear from the likes of Dave Paulson, Zook, Western Medication, Veil of Tears, Eve Maret, Fetching Pails, Charlie & The Evil Mothers and The Pink Spiders AND [...]
Posted: Mon July 2, 2018

110: Beth Cameron of Forget Cassettes, Ponychase, Black Bra

This episode, we stray from the mixtape of new music format and sit down with Beth Cameron - best known for her work as Forget Cassettes - and discuss the hardships of being a [...]
Posted: Mon June 18, 2018

Volume 109

Episode 109! In which I use the word "vibes" approximately 10,000 times and compare bands that age me as a host. C'est le vie! Fortunately, the music isn't aged, it's all [...]
Posted: Mon June 4, 2018

Volume 108

One hundred and eight episodes in to this show it's probably a bit absurd to still to be surprised at the wealth of talent our metropolitan area continues to produce [...]
Posted: Tue May 22, 2018

Volume 107

Nashville gives a strong offering of diverse sounds on this one, from a brand new debut from Cloudmouth to the Classic Country of Joshua Hedley to the punk AF Depression [...]
Posted: Mon May 7, 2018

Volume 106

Thirty-five minutes of of music covering a nice range of rock, pop, electronic and even a little bit of hip-hop from our fine city. Spring approaches and the musical releases [...]
Posted: Mon April 23, 2018

Volume 105

We chat for about an hour covering Lehning's history, his process with several projects and some of his upcoming collaborative projects; including a fascinating piece with [...]
Posted: Mon April 9, 2018

Volume 104

Coming in hot with another compilation of great new music from the Nashville area, including a premiere from Quichenight off the forthcoming album, Cooler Heads. Lots of great [...]
Posted: Mon March 26, 2018

Volume 103

Another collection of wonderful variety from our fine city. A brand new song from Pale Houses, a debut from bleary, what I'm calling "Chaotic Vaporwave" and some minimal [...]
Posted: Sun March 11, 2018