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250: Hip-Hop is for Everybody, Negro Justice is for Everybody

To celebrate 250 episodes, we sit down with one of our favorite hip-hop artists. Negro Justice came on our radar in the summer of 2020 with the The Stimulus EP and has [...]
Posted: Tue May 11, 2021

249: Poolside Kraftwerk Rave

Love Montage, Full Mood, Notelle, Pretty Shy, Tripleplay Squeek, Billy Jumpmane, L.Z.R., Jeff the Brotherhood, DD Island, Doug Hoekstra, Wayne Mosh, Sam Silva, Houston [...]
Posted: Tue May 4, 2021

248: The Wild West of the Digital Frontier

Tape Deck Mountain, Moto Bandit, Smart Objects, Six One Tribe, Trip God F'RF'R, Negro Justice, The Gripsweats, Amanda Stone, Rock Eupora, Brennan Wedl, mike, Teddy Rose, D1ON, [...]
Posted: Tue April 27, 2021

247: It’s Always Good to Branch Out

Wilby, Gentry Wooten, Andi Marie, The Blackson (feat Brian Brown), Da Real A1yo, Khari G, The Soul in the Ville, Suck Face, Pamphlet, Tiblinski, Fabulous Fabulist, The Ivins, [...]
Posted: Tue April 20, 2021

246: A Fantastic Problem to Have

D1ON, The Soul in the Ville, Sann-Man, Volunteer Department, Heaven Honey, Sad Speller, ongodbruh, Willie Dustice, Real Son, Bear in the Campsite, Sunny Side, Dominic Billet, [...]
Posted: Fri April 16, 2021

The Art of Evolving with Lydia Luce

We sit down with songwriter and composer Lydia Luce to discuss her history, her process, Lockeland Strings and the art of evolving.
Posted: Mon April 12, 2021

244: A Conduit To Unrealized Greatness

Houston Kendrick, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Cosmic Collective, Prince Edward, Gee Slab, Negro Justice, Imaginary Baseball League, Palm Ghosts, The F-use, Lava Gulls, Joshua [...]
Posted: Tue April 6, 2021

243: Killing It with Daisha McBride

Interview Special: Daisha McBride
Posted: Mon March 29, 2021

242: Making Good on Past Promises

Petty, Klypi, Ballerina Jones, Work, Kettleflower, DD Island, Frank Samuel, Intro, Julian Dente, josephfiend, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, Bloopr, Ken Sable, J. Merritt, [...]
Posted: Thu March 25, 2021

241: The Promise of Surprise

Imaginary Baseball League, Bleached Out, Trash Man, *repeat repeat, Wilby, Full Mood, Fresh Lady, SirMarko, Cee Ohh, K.O.N., Hard Liquor Shawty, RashadThaPoet, iNTRO
Posted: Mon March 22, 2021

240: Finding Sacred Spaces with Michael Hix and Nashville Ambient Ensemble

Composer/Musician Michael Hix joins us for an interview about the Nashville Ambient Ensemble, a collective of diverse musicians brought together to perform their debut record, [...]
Posted: Mon March 15, 2021

239: Variety in Every Set

Klypi, Tape Deck Mountain, 24, Burm, Notelle, Gunther Doug, Becca Mancari, Catalina, J. Merritt, V to Z, Bryant Taylorr, Joy Oladokun, My Wall, thirdface
Posted: Tue March 9, 2021