WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

191: A Clenching Catharsis

Blonde Bones, Grumpy, Vid Nelson, Honest Charlie, The Modules, Lawndry, Gray Worry, Bazookatooth, ElonMusk
Posted: Mon March 30, 2020

190: Staying Sane, Healthy and Isolated

A sense of normalcy: International Friendly, The Blam Blams, Thunder Lily, Teddy & The Rough Riders, Katy Kirby, Louis Prince, Jordan Lehning, Oral Sax, Rich Ruth
Posted: Mon March 23, 2020

189: The Promise of Entertainment

Fever Blush, Sad Baxter, The By Gods, The Medium, Tom Violence, Neon Castles, Maddie Medley, Goo, Luke Schneider
Posted: Mon March 16, 2020

188: Absolute Resilience

A word about that tornado. The Features, Tower Defense, Glossary, Jordan Lehning, The Feminine Complex, Little Bandit
Posted: Mon March 9, 2020

187: The Mystery Is Part of the Fun

Heaven Honey, Tristen, Soccer Mommy, Friendship Commanders, Karate Blocks, Jimmy Who and the Night Creatures, MUGGS, Shell of a Shell, R. Stevie Moore w/ Dave Gregory
Posted: Mon March 2, 2020

186: Big Meme Energy, Nashville 80’s Music with Alex Steed

Co-Host Alex Steed from Nashville Demystified joins for a special episode that dives into Nashville Music in the 1980s.
Posted: Mon February 24, 2020

185: The Savage Generation, Fred Savage

Skylite Forever, Chance Cook, Infinity Backflip, Sundaes, Fly Golden Eagle, Orchid, Whoa Dakota, Factual
Posted: Mon February 17, 2020

184: Delightful Ignorance with Saxophone and Keyboards

Palm Ghosts, Kings of the Fucking Sea, Find a Hobby, Richard String, Brian Brown, And the Boys, Thunder Lily, Ray Gun
Posted: Mon February 10, 2020

183: Funky Goodtimes at a Coffee Shop

The By Gods, Evan P. Donohue, Jonie, Iven, Dale Hollow and The Long Con, Signal In, Waterfall Wash, Datenight
Posted: Mon February 3, 2020

182: Foolish Assumptions and Bombastic Rewards

Grumpy, The Rally Club, Carolyn Kendrick, Shell of a Shell, Donors, Tom Violence, Thad Kopec, Music Band
Posted: Mon January 27, 2020

181: No Compass, No Course

Palm Ghosts, Dead Cures, Novice Leaders, Anson Hohne, Stationwagon, Blackpool Mecca, Harpooner, Sean Nelson
Posted: Mon January 20, 2020

180: Putting Quarters in the Machine with Jonie

Producer, musician, podcaster and DIY supporter, JONIE.
Posted: Mon January 13, 2020