WOTT Music

Unearthing the best in unheard music from Nashville and surrounding areas.

216: All My Hopes and Dreams

Tummyache, Namir Blade, Smart Objects, Protomen, Luke Baron, BnQuez the Artist, Trash Man, Maiden Mother Crone, Makeup and Vanity Set, Shueh-li Ong, Enki
Posted: Mon September 21, 2020

215: The Beauty of Human Error with Battle Tapes Jeremy Ferguson

Interview special with Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes Recording.
Posted: Mon September 14, 2020

214: In Praise of Bandcamp

After a brief pounding of the pulpit in praise of Bandcamp, we dive into a massive playlist of new local music. Some might even say a little too much music but when [...]
Posted: Tue September 8, 2020

213: Zero Doubt of Greatness

Adia Victoria, Petty, *repeat repeat, Nehoda, Black Moon Mother, Palm Ghosts, Bez, Lul Lion, Young Soul, Future Crib, Mount Olympic, Brainweight, Michael Logozar, Daniel Tashian
Posted: Mon August 31, 2020

212: The Tip of a Much Larger Iceberg

Bully, sallow, Rashad Sylvester, BnQuez the Artist, B. Stokes, BEZ, Ray Gun, Turko, Super Brava, Thad Kopec, Smart Objects, Quichenight, Joe Zempel
Posted: Mon August 24, 2020

211: A Rabidly Active Scene

Savoy Motel, The Blam Blams, Jordan Lehning, Emma Swift, The Guac Mamas, asadsangabi, MNTN, Sundaes, Fu Stan, BeHoward, Bamboon Sauve, vast ness, Doug Lehmann, Jaguar Gold, [...]
Posted: Mon August 17, 2020

210: Minimal Talking, Maximum Music

Da Real A1yo, Thunder Lily, Cohn Jondit, Midtones, Creature Comfort, Tim Gent, Blksunchild, Young Soul, The Viking Program, jain, Electric Python, Soft Robot, The Guac Mamas, [...]
Posted: Mon August 10, 2020

209: A Slow Burner

Bantug, Moto Bandit, Quez Cantrell, Yours Truly, Jai, Wildfront, Vibeout., Okey Dokey, hellvalleyskytrees, The Prudish Few
Posted: Mon August 3, 2020

208: Abrupt Pleasure

Liza Anne, Caitlin Rose, Bats, $avvy, Jordan XX, John the Shaman, And the Boys, Charlie Whitten, Oral Sax
Posted: Mon July 27, 2020

207: Articulated Enraged Frustration

Fu Stan, Mike Floss, Stereo Specter, Black Bra, Bellbear, FutureDog, Chuck Indigo, Ron Obasi, In Parallel, Jake Orrall + Kunal Prakash
Posted: Mon July 20, 2020

206: Squishy Electronics and Pure Audacity, Pt 2

Eve Maret, Notelle, Richard String, Da Real A1yo, Flummox, Kent Osborne, Gee Slab, Abby Johnson, Hikko Mori, Justin Shawn Hobbs
Posted: Mon July 13, 2020

205: Don’t Shy Away from the Political

Another massive dose of local music for you spanning a variety of genres. Hope you’re in the mood for some wildly upbeat dance-y jams, some ominous hip-hop, some [...]
Posted: Mon July 6, 2020