378: Radio Radio XVIII

Making our way through a backlog of releases from 2023 but, quite honestly, the lines are beginning to blur. Plenty of these tracks were released in 2024 and, *even more honestly,* who cares **when** music was released? It’s just music that’s new to me and new to you. It’s 45 minutes of wonderful local music. What else ya need to know?

That’s BATS on the cover, whom you should be quite familiar with already but, if not, go listen to Good Game Baby ASAP..

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town

New and notable releases from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Rainsticks - Its Five OClock Nowhere
“Its Five O’Clock Nowhere”
Thee Kave Crickets - Previous Birds
Thee Kave Crickets
“Previous Birds”
Justice Rhiime - Cant Put Me Down
Justice Rhiime
“Can’t Put Me Down”
Roseviolet - inner interlude
“inner interlude”
Bats - Oh My God
“Oh My God”
Reno Bo - Count Your Karma
Reno Bo
“Count Your Karma”
Baseball Bat - Let Down
Baseball Bat
“Let Down”
Quichenight - Vacuum Man
“Vacuum Man”
Soft Robot - Blueberries
Soft Robot
Rolowhipp - Heart is Clay
“Heart is Clay”
Draculisaac - Montauk
Tommy Bomb - Actin Tough
Tommy Bomb
“Actin’ Tough”
Uncle Ellen - Storm Chaser
Uncle Ellen
“Storm Chaser”