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Michael Eades

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Volume 122

We've got plenty of plans for the 2018 retrospective but we'd be remiss not to include some late releases from November (and a sneak peek at a few releases still to come).
Posted: Mon December 3, 2018
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Volume 121 with Lance Conzett

Very special guest Lance Conzett joins us for a look at some Nashville Pop Music discoveries (as well as some of his non-pop local favorites) and delivers in spades.
Posted: Mon November 19, 2018

Volume 120

We’re back with a non-themed episode of quality Nashville area music. This volume is divided into two halves; the first half leaning into several great new pop offerings [...]
Posted: Mon November 5, 2018

Volume 119

As Halloween approaches, it only feels appropriate to use our time together with Volume 119 to showcase the spookier and scarier side of Nashville area music.
Posted: Mon October 22, 2018

Volume 118

After two weeks of heavy travel and an overwhelming feeling of being out of the loop, we're back! Unsurprisingly, putting together this episodes playlist of tracks was a total [...]
Posted: Mon October 8, 2018

Volume 117

Despite the questionable narration, the music of our region continues to stretch and fill unexpected spaces. Lots of great new music in this episode from recent releases AND a [...]
Posted: Mon September 24, 2018

Volume 116

We're back to our regularly scheduled programming of featuring new and notable local releases. Herein, we learn what Corinthian Leather is and I share a personal anecdote that [...]
Posted: Mon September 10, 2018

Volume 115

This edition of the podcast is all covers. Nashville artists make a ton of great music and that includes interpretations of other great songs.
Posted: Mon August 27, 2018

Volume 114

Keeping in step with the last episode, let's play around with the format a little bit. Instead of just attempting the show vaguely unprepared, this installment flips the [...]
Posted: Mon August 13, 2018

Volume 113

The one with no script but tons of great music. The range of genres and styles that Nashville has been delivering lately has been excellent.
Posted: Mon July 30, 2018

Volume 112

If there were more distinct episode titles for this show this one would be called "The Lonely Biscuits Apology" - as I learn a hearty lesson about judging a band too harshly [...]
Posted: Mon July 16, 2018

Volume 111

Plenty of goods to hear from the likes of Dave Paulson, Zook, Western Medication, Veil of Tears, Eve Maret, Fetching Pails, Charlie & The Evil Mothers and The Pink Spiders AND [...]
Posted: Mon July 2, 2018
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