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Michael Eades

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350: Dark Delights

The scariest local music halloween playlist you'll hear in 2023! Sit back and let these charming spells mystify your mind!
Posted: Thu October 26, 2023
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349: Far Out Fest 666 Preview

FAR OUR FEST 666 PREVIEW EPISODE. Gardening, Not Architecture,Argus, Cassette Stress, Soltour, sugar sk*-*lls, Afrokokoroots, Jacuzzi Suite, Caroline Cronin, Bermudah, De3ra, [...]
Posted: Tue July 11, 2023

348: Continuing the Non-Stop Landslide

Tayls, Home Visions, Drew Taylor, VibeOut. & Petty, Shane Perry, The Weird Sisters, Great Grand Sun, Gray Worry, Marissa Nadler, Lou Turner, Spencer Cullum's Coin Collection, [...]
Posted: Wed April 26, 2023

347: The Goods, Delivered Regularly

BEDROOM, Annie DiRusso, Abby Johnson, Ava Swan, Blackpool Mecca, username, (G.A.M.N.T.) Jitsu Gaiden x T-Que the Hurricane, VibeOut. & SEJOHFROGI., VOLK, matt TV, Donny [...]
Posted: Tue April 25, 2023

346: Dive In, Head First

Stone Deep, Vera Bloom, Gloom Girl MFG, demiatrix, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Corduroy Clemens, b l o o p r, Jack Vinoy, Harper Mayo, Gardening, Not Architecture, bifff, [...]
Posted: Mon April 24, 2023

345: You Know What Cover Songs Are

BROKE, Transylvania Stud, Willie Dustice, Six One Tribe [feat. Trip God F'RF'R and Negro Justice], Casual Sects, Tower Defense, Your Gaze, VOLK, L.Z.R., The Berlinettas, The [...]
Posted: Fri April 21, 2023

344: Anxiety Salve

Make Yourself At Home, Wynton Existing, The Welters, Tower Defense, nobigdyl., The BlackSon, $avvy, OGTHAGAWD, Mama Would Be Proud, The Space Cadet, Threnodian, Paramore
Posted: Thu April 20, 2023

343: Upending Historical Precedence

Cold Lo #BEATS, Ron Obasi, Negro Justice & JustVibez, Caroline Cronin, The Medium, The Altered Statesman, Mount Olympic, 32 Draculas, Work, Palm Ghosts, OTNES, Kaijuba, Sad [...]
Posted: Wed April 19, 2023

342: Our Fundamental Reason for Existing

faster is faster, General Trust, SuMo Dope, Okey Dokey, Magic In Threes, Girlhouse, Venus & the Flytraps, BAD CULTURE, The BlackSon, the mango furs, Sam Hoffman, Distant [...]
Posted: Tue April 18, 2023

341: Back to Basics

Snooper, Be Your Own Pet, Negro Justice & JustVibez, lawfulgoof, cosmic collective, The Nobility, Annie DiRusso, The Sewing Club, Alicia Gail, Country Westerns, Joey Kneiser, MNTN
Posted: Mon April 17, 2023

340: An Incredible Tale from the Road with Ziona Riley

SPECIAL GUEST ZIONA RILEY. Music from Ziona Riley, Nick Woods, HR Lexy, The Chewers, Crave On, Josephine Foster, Lou Turner, The Cherry Blossoms, Ritzy D, Jim Hoke, Dolly [...]
Posted: Mon March 27, 2023

339: Collectively Crossed Fingers

SONATORE, Kristen Ford, Dialup Ghost, Anna Orchid, Corduroy Clemens, The Dozier HimSelf, Brian Brown, Bully and Soccer Mommy, mt vice, Dan Burns, Janell Rosa, scott w brooks, [...]
Posted: Mon March 13, 2023
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