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Michael Eades

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288: Something in the Air Right Now

Featuring music from Sean Thompson's Weird Ears, The Nobility, Da Real A1yo, Sean Nelson, Kyle Hamlett Uno, Dominic Billet, Kaby feat Brian Brown, Jordan Xx, B. Stokes, Prayer [...]
Posted: Tue January 25, 2022
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287: The W-O-T-T Promise

New music from Joe Kenkel, Safari Room, Sundaes, Vibeout, AC Noel, Da Real A1yo, Erin Rae, The Kernal, Lyndsey Fields, Invitation Worldwide, Second Spirit, MC Skolar, Divora, [...]
Posted: Wed January 19, 2022

286: Pouring Fuel on the Fire of New Things

Big, If True, Bad Bad Cats, Glamper, Brian Brown, B. Stokes, JustinLee, Kentucky Derby Con Man, Interest Relief, Wherewolf, RUFFPUP, John McNally, The Minks, The Mad Gear, [...]
Posted: Tue January 11, 2022

285: A Stellar Start

Negro Justice, The Dozier HimSelf, twen, Pete Lindberg, Aireline, Michelle Sullivan, PETTY, Morgan Bosman, Tim Gent, Sundaes, L.Z.R., roseviolet, Bats, MOTO BANDIT, VOID CAT
Posted: Tue January 4, 2022

284: Don’t Call it a Best Of: Selections from the Randomizer Machine

We picked 100 songs that caught our ear in 2021 and then let the randomizer machine pick 20 of them to share.
Posted: Fri December 24, 2021

283: The 2021 Holiday Special Extravaganza

The 2021 Holiday Special Extravaganza with Mr. Talkbox, PETTY, The Features, Liza Anne, Kaitlyn Raitz, Donors, Vista Blue, Quichenight, Lawndry, Da Real A1yo, Rock Eupora, [...]
Posted: Mon December 20, 2021

282: Correcting a Glitching Brain

Bully, Kristen Ford, Baerd, Negro Justice, Classic Williams, R.A.P. Ferreira, The Welters, Lobby Language, Louis Prince, Safari Room, ELEL, Madeline Jaina, Candace in Wonderland
Posted: Tue December 14, 2021

281: Occasionally Uncategorizable, Always Fascinatingly Enjoyable

Carolyn Kendrick, Erin Rae, Dominic Billett, Petty, Jordan XX, Sadkaioken, Widespell, Raccoon Love, World Series Hangover, ARRO, SPILL, Fauster, Wolf Okay, Microwave Mountain
Posted: Tue December 7, 2021

280: A Day Late But Not a Dollar Short

Sundaes, Terry Presume, Cosmic Collective, Love Montage, Fluorescent Half Dome, Wally Clark, Jordan Xx, Half a Key, roseviolet, Impetuous Burial, Anna Orchid, KQ Recordings, [...]
Posted: Wed December 1, 2021

279: Let’s Save The Groove

Interview Special! Jesse Cartwright and Michael Combs of THE GROOVE share their situation, their history and their love of Kylie Minogue.
Posted: Tue November 23, 2021

278: Indulgences While You Indulge

Daisha McBride, Mike Floss, Da Real A1yo, Palm Ghosts, Trevor Nikrant, Cookie Jar, Vera Bloom, Hans Condor, Tom Violence, *repeat repeat, Sonatore, Connor Kelly & The Time [...]
Posted: Mon November 22, 2021

277: Morphing and Maturing

Mike Floss, The Smokeshows, Aaron Sprinkle, Trevor Nikrant, Crave On, HalfNoise, Jaffee Judah, Cody Cody Cody, Georgie Zaven, Safari Room, Invitation Worldwide, Kenneth [...]
Posted: Tue November 16, 2021
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