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Michael Eades

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246: A Fantastic Problem to Have

D1ON, The Soul in the Ville, Sann-Man, Volunteer Department, Heaven Honey, Sad Speller, ongodbruh, Willie Dustice, Real Son, Bear in the Campsite, Sunny Side, Dominic Billet, [...]
Posted: Fri April 16, 2021
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The Art of Evolving with Lydia Luce

We sit down with songwriter and composer Lydia Luce to discuss her history, her process, Lockeland Strings and the art of evolving.
Posted: Mon April 12, 2021

244: A Conduit To Unrealized Greatness

Houston Kendrick, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Cosmic Collective, Prince Edward, Gee Slab, Negro Justice, Imaginary Baseball League, Palm Ghosts, The F-use, Lava Gulls, Joshua [...]
Posted: Tue April 6, 2021

243: Killing It with Daisha McBride

Interview Special: Daisha McBride
Posted: Mon March 29, 2021

242: Making Good on Past Promises

Petty, Klypi, Ballerina Jones, Work, Kettleflower, DD Island, Frank Samuel, Intro, Julian Dente, josephfiend, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, Bloopr, Ken Sable, J. Merritt, [...]
Posted: Thu March 25, 2021

241: The Promise of Surprise

Imaginary Baseball League, Bleached Out, Trash Man, *repeat repeat, Wilby, Full Mood, Fresh Lady, SirMarko, Cee Ohh, K.O.N., Hard Liquor Shawty, RashadThaPoet, iNTRO
Posted: Mon March 22, 2021

240: Finding Sacred Spaces with Michael Hix and Nashville Ambient Ensemble

Composer/Musician Michael Hix joins us for an interview about the Nashville Ambient Ensemble, a collective of diverse musicians brought together to perform their debut record, [...]
Posted: Mon March 15, 2021

239: Variety in Every Set

Klypi, Tape Deck Mountain, 24, Burm, Notelle, Gunther Doug, Becca Mancari, Catalina, J. Merritt, V to Z, Bryant Taylorr, Joy Oladokun, My Wall, thirdface
Posted: Tue March 9, 2021

238: Flavor Swirl

Katy Kirby, Ken Sable, $avvy, Houston Kendrick, Wilderwater, The Blackson with AB Eastwood, DD Island, Pickup Sticks, Jesop, Groh, Young Robot, Snail Male, Jack Silverman
Posted: Mon March 1, 2021

237: Filling a Snowpocalypse Sized Hole

The Feature, Lydia Luce, Styrofoam Winos, $avvy, The BlackSon, Pink Sweat$, Casters, The Ragcoats, Soviet Shiska, Enki, Satorian, Dominic Billet, faster is faster
Posted: Mon February 22, 2021

236: Going Off Book

No Stress, Bear in the Campsite, Rainsticks, Reaux Marquez, Da Real A1yo, Chuck Indigo, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Marvelles, Joe Pisapia, Maiden Mother Crone, bloopr, blaqspace_, [...]
Posted: Tue February 9, 2021

235: Fresh Yet Familiar

Tayls, Dungeon of Skeletons, Palm Ghosts, Mike Floss, Brian Brown, HGHR GRND / Quez Cantrell, Antler Shell, Les Ailes, Petty, The Chewers, Heavy Richard, Commander Keen, [...]
Posted: Tue February 2, 2021
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