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Michael Eades

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234: The Total Bangers Department

Total Wife, The Gripsweats, Houston Kendrick, Louis Prince, Shvdowboy, Teddy Rose, Chino M. Dollaz, Yung Mush, Pink Callies, MT Vice, Belly Fully of Stars, Lawndry
Posted: Tue January 26, 2021
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233: Couplets Defying Expectations

Styrofoam Winos, Vera Bloom, Thirdface, The F-use, $hrames, RashadThaPoet, Dungeon of Skeletons, Janell Rosa, DeeOhGee, Sad King Billy, Gee Slab, Jaffee Judah, Adrienne Franke
Posted: Tue January 19, 2021

232: The Inevitability of Nashville with PETTY

Interview Special: PETTY
Posted: Tue January 12, 2021

231: The Grand Cornucopia

Dream Chambers, Virghost, Alexander Wren, Reaux Marquez, BROKE, Josh Gilligan, Erica Case, Chico Rashad, Salt Water Baby, Justice Rhiime, Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads, [...]
Posted: Tue January 5, 2021

230: Selections from the Randomizer Machine

Grumpy, Sister Kit, Heaven Honey, Savoy Motel, The Watchman & thaPoet, The Blam Blams, Liza Anne, Vast Ness, Meadownoise, Juan Solorzano, Ryoki Center, Rich Ruth, Rashad [...]
Posted: Mon December 28, 2020

229: The 2020 Holiday Extravaganza Special

Petty, Nicole Atkins, Quichenight, Glossary, Zeke & Ross, Steelism, Jacob T. Corenflos, Dee Oh Gee, Steve & Tomi, Fetching Pails, Creature Comfort, Erin Rae, Liza Anne, [...]
Posted: Mon December 21, 2020

228: Take Heed

Trash Man, Heaven Honey, Keeps, Spodee Boy, Aaron TM, Dee $ouf, The Cosmic Collective, Jody, Mariyo Deon, Case Arnold, Dom Marcoaldi, Stacian, Palm Ghosts, Circuit Circuit, In Place
Posted: Mon December 14, 2020

227: Whoever You Are, Thank You

The Minor Toughs, Negro Justice, Palace Ghosts, John the Shaman, Khyrs Hatch, BnQuez the Artist, Oginalli, Dream Chambers, Harpooner, Vast Ness, Abby Johnson, Lauren Strange, [...]
Posted: Mon December 7, 2020

226: Elevate Your Existence

Josh Halper, The Lees of Memory, Dale Hollow, Love Montage, Les Aisles, Reaux Marquez, H.A.R.D., Snooper, Vern, Sann-Man, Yours Truly Jai, The Loogies, Majestico, VH1 Classic
Posted: Mon November 30, 2020

225: We Own This Town Mailbag

Peachy, Flesh Eater, Virghost, Jessica Breanne, PLSR, Keeps, ENZI, Katy Kirby, Veinmelter, Brad Lee Curtis, Mighty Joe Nolan, Mama Would Be Proud, NBHC, The Ground Keepers, [...]
Posted: Mon November 23, 2020

224: I Did a Dumb Thing

Molly Parden, Eve Maret, Lackhoney, Le Skunk, Tower Defense, The Brummies, Bloopr, B Stokes, BeHoward, Great Grand Sun, I Could Live in Hope, Palm Ghosts, Oral Sax, [...]
Posted: Mon November 16, 2020

223: Prepare for Fascination

Creature Comfort, Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall, Savvy, The Gripsweats, Jyou, Snooper, Sister Kit, Ornament, Negro Justice, Sean Thompson's Weird Ears, Carrus & Kurtz
Posted: Mon November 9, 2020
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