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316: Track by Track: Twen – One Stop Shop

Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones of TWEN join for a track-by-track breakdown of their phenomenal album One Stop Shop.
Posted: Wed September 21, 2022
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315: Everything but Skronky Jazz with Mary Mancini

Mary Mancini of Lucy's Record Shop chats about the 30th anniversary and we trade off song selections. Delightful.
Posted: Mon September 12, 2022

314: It’s Just Good

Six One TrĂ¯be, Forget Cassettes, Volunteer Department, Yours Truly Jai & Gretchen, Justinlee, BeHoward, Tayls, Real Humans, Venus & The Flytraps, Jive Talk, Sean Thompson's [...]
Posted: Fri September 9, 2022

313: The Anticipation is Thrilling

Caitlin Rose, Elke, Dialup Ghost, Hew G, BeHoward, Virghost & KingPin Da'Composer, Claire Maisto, Donny Apollo, Anna Orchid, *repeat repeat, Smart Objects, Palm Ghosts, Rock [...]
Posted: Tue August 30, 2022

312: Quite Pleased With Myself

The Space Cadet Quintet, Trash Man, The Dog's Body, BEZ, Jessie Baylin, CA$H BONU$, Roscoe Shelton, The Dozier Himself, The Sewing Club, The Nobility, Teddy and the Rough [...]
Posted: Tue August 16, 2022

311: The Quality & Quantity Golden Combo

twen, Reaux Marquez, Brian Brown, Stone Deep, BBOY ZERO, killian, Taylor Narain, Jessie Baylin, Julia Gomez, Heaven Honey, The Reneaus, Andrew Combs, Dom Marcoaldi, Thad [...]
Posted: Sat August 6, 2022

310: Setting a Vibe

INSTRUMENTAL MIX: Ross McReynolds & Juan Solorzano, Kenneth Fleischman, Cold Lo #Beats, Brainweight, blaqspace_, Oral Sax, Makeup and Vanity Set, The Alphabet Zero, vast [...]
Posted: Wed July 27, 2022

309: A Brief Flirtation with Brevity

Smart Objects, Ron Obasi, PETTY, Terry Presume, Tripleplay Squeek, Kristen Ford, Palm Ghosts, The Medium, Future Crib, Ornament
Posted: Tue July 19, 2022

308: Classified under Unclassifiable

Interest Relief, Eyebrow Dog, Cold Lo #BEATS, Stone Deep, Bez, BnQuez The Artist, *repeat repeat, twen, Seint Monet, Lou Turner, Iven, An Army of Jasons, soft robot, Jack [...]
Posted: Fri July 15, 2022

307: Here for the MOOD

Jordan Xx, Virghost, Raemi, Namir Blade, B. Stokes, D1ON, Gee Slab, yej, Love Montage, Passion Fruit Boys, Basic Printer, MOTO BANDIT, the mango furs, Total Wife, Concurrence
Posted: Thu July 7, 2022

306: Taking a Break from Taking a Break

Derobert & The Half-Truths, Namir Blade, The F-use, Ornament, Dillon Watson, Jesop, Vyrgo, Jordan Xx, D.O.U.G.H., Sam Hoffman, soccer mommy, An Army of Jasons, Makeup and [...]
Posted: Mon June 27, 2022

305: Treats Bookending Treats

Desire & The Ville Posse, Qualls, TriplePlay Squeek, kemosabi, Honey Dagger, The Katies, Safari Room, Amanda Stone, The Dreaded Laramie, Blood Root, Through, Nate Nakshian, [...]
Posted: Tue May 24, 2022
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