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Michael Eades

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338: Scriptless

cosmic collective, Magic In Threes, The Berlinettas, Six One TrĂ¯be, Intylect, HB Mandella, BLVCK WIZZLE, Gee Slab, Brian Brown, Quai, Spoken Nerd, INKSUIT, General Trust, [...]
Posted: Fri February 3, 2023
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337: Track-by-Track: The Features, The Mahaffey Sessions 1999

Matt Pelham, Roger Dabbs and Rollum Haas of The Features join for a track-by-track breakdown of their new (old) album, The Mahaffey Sessions 1999.
Posted: Thu February 2, 2023

336: We’re Back

The Features, Molly Martin, Gardening, Not Architecture, $hrames / Jordan XX / Chuck Indigo / Intro, Daisha McBride, Ron Obasi, Soothes, INKSUIT, Body Cam, madebit, soft [...]
Posted: Mon January 23, 2023

335: The Eight Hour 2022 Celebration

We put together 8 hours of great music from 2022 and decided to simply share it all. Enjoy!
Posted: Thu December 29, 2022

2022 Holiday Special Extravaganza

NPR Edition with Moral Support, 2'live Bre, Coley Kennedy and Justin Collins, The Sewing Club, Lawndry, JD McPherson, THE IT CITY, Sad Baxter, I Could Live In Hope, Black [...]
Posted: Wed December 21, 2022

333: Cleaning the Metaphorical Closet

Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall, Caitlin Rose, Love Montage, Trash Man, Charlie Whitten, *repeat repeat, Fu Stan, BeHoward, Ron Obasi, Mouth Reader, Make Yourself At Home, Thomas [...]
Posted: Wed December 14, 2022

332: An Evolutionary Calling Card

Makeup and Vanity Set, Total Wife, Flesh Eater, SuMo Dope,Fu Stan, Jyou, *repeat repeat, Real Humans, Soot, Basic Printer, MT Vice, Wynton Existing, Cold Lo #BEATS, moony, [...]
Posted: Thu December 8, 2022

331: Unraveling a Mystery

memethegoat, TSU Aristocrat of Bands, LUNAR, Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, Harper Mayo, Country Westerns, Public Occurrences, Alicia Blue, Milo Jo, OTTO, Eyebrow Dog, flwr grl
Posted: Fri December 2, 2022

330: Can Meets Van (Morrison) with Crave On’s Patrick Orr

CRAVE ON's Patrick Orr joins for a chat about the band's new record, the creative process and shares some of his local favorites.
Posted: Tue November 22, 2022

329: Absolute Talent

Heaven Honey, Lauren McClinton & Tim Gent, artemis (yue), VibeOut & Rashad Sylvester, BeHoward, Six One Tribe, SONATORE, Morgan Bosman & Lawrence D, Jessie Baylin, YOU MAKE MY [...]
Posted: Thu November 17, 2022

328: Bangers All The Way Down

Six One Tribe, TSU Aristocrat of Bands, LUNAR, Zook, Thomas Luminoso, Palm Ghosts, Tanatswa Estina, R.A.P. Ferreira, Da Real A1yo, Robyn Hitchcock, Dungeon of Skeletons, The [...]
Posted: Tue November 8, 2022

327: Track by Track: Forget Cassettes – Salt

Beth Cameron, Jay Leo Phillips and Aaron Ford join for an in-depth conversation about the 2006 album, Salt.
Posted: Fri November 4, 2022
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