385: Higher Voices

For episodes ending in a zero or five, I try to do something a little different. It’s an opportunity to stretch outside our normal box a little bit. For this episode, I let the theme “higher voices” guide the selections. That’s it! The set is approximately two hours long and doesn’t come close to including everything I wanted to include. Despite that, it’s an excellent two hours if I do say so myself.

That’s Molly Parden on our cover.

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music, other music beds by Test Kitchen.

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We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town

New and notable releases from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Bats - Heart Container
Bats“Heart Container”
Molly Parden - Cigarette
Molly Parden“Cigarette”
Pageboy - Postcard
Mama Zu - Lip
Mama Zu“Lip”
Brennan Wedl - Kudzu
Brennan Wedl“Kudzu”
Heaven Honey - Moan
Heaven Honey“Moan”
Molly Martin - I Know You Think That Its Not You
Molly Martin“I Know You Think That Its Not You”
Molly Parden - Where Do All of Our Passing Days Go
Molly Parden“Where Do All of Our Passing Days Go”
Becca Mancari - Its Too Late
Becca Mancari“Its Too Late”
Taylor Noelle - If You Want That
Taylor Noelle“If You Want That”
Cortney Tidwell - Clandestine
Cortney Tidwell“Clandestine”
Book NOT Brooke - Popsicle
Book NOT Brooke“Popsicle”
Meg Elsier - baby
Meg Elsier“baby”
Body Electric - Plastic Arrows
Body Electric“Plastic Arrows”
AG Sully - Accountability Partner
A.G. Sully“Accountability Partner ”
Dallas Ugly - Big Signs
Dallas Ugly“Big Signs”
Wilby - Cosette
Kristen Ford - Heres To You Kid feat Ani DiFranco
Kristen Ford“Heres To You Kid (feat Ani DiFranco)”
Be Your Own Pet - Erotomania
Be Your Own Pet“Erotomania”
Annie DiRusso - Emerson
Annie DiRusso“Emerson”
Girlhouse - you dont think about me
Girlhouse“you dont think about me”
Daisha McBride - Ballgame
Daisha McBride“Ballgame”
Yours Truly Jai  Gretchen - BOYS GO TO JUPITER
Yours Truly, Jai + Gretchen“BOYS GO TO JUPITER”
Memethegoat - Talk My Sh*t
Memethegoat“Talk My Sh*t”
Sweet Poison - Trappaz
Sweet Poison“Trappaz ”
Janell Rosa - Lonely
Janell Rosa“Lonely”
Annie Williams - Oh My Love
Annie Williams“Oh My Love”
Kaitlyn Raitz - Overthinker
Kaitlyn Raitz“Overthinker”
HR Lexy - Torn
HR Lexy“Torn”
Eardrummer - Ultra
Dream Chambers - Sensation
Dream Chambers“Sensation”

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