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Mischa Lively – More

More by Mischa Lively The latest release from Mischa Lively, entitled More, is a collection of long-form, experimental dance compositions with surprising instrument choices, diverse percussion and slow burn tempos. It’s also a gateway into a Nashville music scene I’m wholly unfamiliar with. Artists Stacian, JNN, Charlie Conway, Oliver Dodd and Tan are among those […]

Meet Found Sounds

There have been a number of Live Video Sessions that have popped up around Nashville area over the years – 615 Sessions, Q Sessions or even the Lake Fever Sessions if you’ve been around for awhile. We did a rundown on a handful of these with our Nashville Video Sessions Primer but I wanted to […]

Robyn Hitchcock – “Sunday Never Comes” (Official Video)

Juliet, Naked is a 2018 film adapted from a Nick Hornby novel that tells the tale of a transatlantic romance between forgotten cult-songwriter Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke) and obsessed fan Annie (Rose Byrne); who falls for him because of her unhappiness with her boyfriend, Duncan (Chris O’Dowd). You’re forgiven for not being compelled by the […]

Slush – “My Woman Kinda”

My Woman Kinda by Slush The team at To-Go Records announced that they’ll be releasing the self-titled EP from newcomer Slush at the end of the month. The first track from that offering, “My Woman Kinda,” is now streaming on Bandcamp. The immediately grabbing preview track gives an excellent representation of the Slush sound; a […]

Tummyache – Humpday

Humpday by Tummyache Tummyache is a pseudonym for Soren Bryce. While it’s not unusual for an individual to take on a band name, Bryce is using the new name to explore a whole new set of sounds from her prior output. A quick bit of Googling and you’ll find multiple albums from Bryce across a […]

Lambchop – Basement Tapes

Basement Tapes by Lambchop Lots of interesting news for “Nashville’s most fucked-up country band” Lambchop this week. In case you missed it, they announced they’ll be playing a full band show on December 8th at all ages venue DRKMTTR. Tickets are available now. A few days prior to that announcement, the band released Basement Tapes, […]

WTF is Loud Boi, Hush Man and Stink Linez anyway?

Unwittingly, we’ve been involved with a year’s long scheme involving absurd mysteries, fictional characters, scavenger hunts and rotted meat thanks to the creative minds at Salt Weekly; the bi-monthly zine featuring original illustrations, poetry, political critiques and various bits of “intelligent discourse.” It’s the kind of zine that eschews the expectations of the format and […]