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Fable Cry – “Come Meet the Reapers”

One time I walked into The Basement just as a set from Fable Cry was kicking off. Frontman Zach Ferrin struck me with his distinctive look – a dapper suit with a finely curled moustache and perfectly coiffed hair. If you mistook him for a cartoon villain, you wouldn’t be the first. Anytime a band […]

Friendship Commanders – “The Enemy I Know” (Official Video)

We’ve already posted about this lead single from the forthcoming Friendship Commanders EP Hold On To Yourself (releasing Friday, April 3rd) but given that they’ve released a powerful new video to accompany the track, it bears revisiting. The heavy grunge-y track is paired with dark, minimal, scenes that transform from high velocity energy bursts to […]

Blonde Bones – “Cape Fear”

The debut album from Blonde Bones, Hiding Out, is due out in mid-2020. Given our current climate, there’s no telling exactly when that will be but the band has been releasing a stream of singles to whet our collective appetites. The latest, “Cape Fear“, is available today on all streaming services and in the embed […]

Zephaniah Bostow – “Fortune Teller”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an informal metric for the severity of a disaster, The Waffle House Index. There’s three levels: Green for no power loss, little damage and a full menu, Yellow for limited to no power, low supplies and a limited menu and, finally, Red for severe damage and the restaurant […]

COVID Quarantine and Supporting the Community: A How To

We recently posted about a GoFundMe campaign to help keep DRKMTTR running. While it looks like they’ve successfully reached their goal, they are far from the only establishment hurting right now for funds to keep their lights on, pay their staff and ensure any sort of future once we’ve made it through the COVID-19 storm. […]

Some Things to Buy on Bandcamp

We are huge fans of Bandcamp, as you might have been able to tell from the fact that every single music review on the site points to their embeds rather than a streaming service. The reason for this is because their entire business model is built on empowering artists of any size. Anyone can setup […]

International Friendly – I’m Trying To Think But Nothing Happens

I'm Trying To Think But Nothing Happens by International Friendly One delightful surprise that never ceases to amaze me is stumbling upon a local band that I’ve never heard of that manages to have a deep back catalog of quality releases. Such is the case with International Friendly, a four-piece that has releases going back […]

Hott Minute’s Tall Brawl Bracket is the Stupid Fun We Need

Vote Now In the latest episode of Hott Minute, hosts Jamie Bradley and Ashley Spurgeon decided to do what they do best; tackle the absurd. In the absence of March Madness, they’ve put together a massive bracket of 64 competitors – each standing over 6′ 3″ tall – categorized them into Stringbeans, Beefcakes, Lumberjacks and […]