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Sam Hoffman – Fairweather

Fairweather by Sam Hoffman On episode 120 of the WOTT Music podcast we played “December”, the lead track from Sam Hoffman’s debut album, Fairweather, and, surprise!, we liked it. As remarked on that episode, there’s something immediately familiar about the style of Hoffman’s music that is reminiscent of Matthew Sweet. Also noted on that show […]

Those Who Can Shred

Jason and Kelly interview Oscar-Nominated Composer David Newman and discuss his career and involvement with both films. Also, the guys go over listener feedback and discuss the musicians who provided the the guitar solos in both films.

Okey Dokey – “Wait on Me”

It’s been a minute since Okey Dokey released their last full-length Love You, Mean It but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. Aside from a fairly relentless touring schedule, they’ve also been trickling out a stream of new singles. The latest is “Wait On Me“, a mid-tempo pop diddy that pulls from plenty of […]

New Threads – “America”

America by new threads Generally, I steer clear of any kind of music labeled “groovy.” That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a song that has a groove but there’s something about directly identifying your music as “groovy” that raises alarms for me. So, when the new single from New Threads starts with the line […]

William Tyler – “Fail Safe”

Goes West by William Tyler Let’s get this out of the way right up top, I think William Tyler has moved to Los Angeles. I might be wrong but, if true, his presence here on a site about Nashville area music is a bit of a stretch. However, Tyler has been involved with so many […]

Little Vista – “Sidewalk”

Sidewalk by Little Vista Last we heard from Tom Gilbert, he was cranking out some big rock, original emo-inspired, tunes in the most excellently named band in Nashville Micro Jordan / Scrawny Pippen.* The works of that band are a far cry from Gilbert’s first mark on Nashville with his band Parachute Musical. Now, Gilbert […]

Volume 120

We’re back with a non-themed episode of quality Nashville area music. This volume is divided into two halves; the first half leaning into several great new pop offerings and the back half mixing it up with a bit more variety in the department of genres. All and all, a great mix of diverse music coming […]

The Katies – “White Light”

Way back in 1999, The Katies released a self-titled album on Elektra / Spongebath Records. They were a staple of the Murfreesboro rock scene at the time and had a reputation for a charged live show. After touring on the album and relocating to LA, the band ultimately dissolved in the early 2000’s. Brothers Jason […]