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Klypi – Consensual Hits

Consensual Hits by Klypi Back in March we premiered the video for Klypi’s “Not For You”; the final single before the release of the full-length album Consensual Hits. At the time, we said “There is much more to be said about the artistic endeavors of Klypi that can’t be wrapped up with a single video […]

246: A Fantastic Problem to Have

D1ON, The Soul in the Ville, Sann-Man, Volunteer Department, Heaven Honey, Sad Speller, ongodbruh, Willie Dustice, Real Son, Bear in the Campsite, Sunny Side, Dominic Billet, The Back Parking Lot, Logickal, Thunder Lily

Volunteer Department/Heaven Honey – Split [Premiere]

Last we saw Heaven Honey, she was performing Live at Josh’s House, with the occasional assist from guitarist Oliver Hopkins of Volunteer Department. Turns out that performance was a prescient occasion foretelling of a future collaboration. That future is now and we’re happy to premiere the Heaven Honey split with Volunteer Department featuring “Relate 2” […]

Help Save Exit/In

By now, you’ve probably seen the countless articles and even mayorial support to Save the Exit/In. If you aren’t aware, the situation is fairly simple: the building that houses the historic venue is not owned by the folks that actually run the venue and the building owners have sold the space to a hotel investment […]

Gee Slab – “Triple Beam” (Official Video)

Gee Slab often goes by the name B.I.N.O. – an acronym for “Believe In New Opportunity.” It’s a personal pseudonym, the name of his Lifestyle Band & Multimedia Company and, most importantly, it’s a mindset; a positive headspace to get things done. With the release of the official video for “Triple Beam” the effectiveness of […]

Nashville Selections for #BandcampFriday, April 2021

According to the official schedule, today is Bandcamp Friday – a day in which the music service waives their revenue fees and gives 100% of profits to the artists. This was started during the pandemic as a means of giving back but has grown into a regular celebration of independent music. According to the […]

Watch BE-TV

If you’ve listened to This Is The Place, our bar and restaurant podcast, you know we’re big fans of The Be-Hive; a plant-based kitchen and deli that strives to make meat alternatives accessible. They offer a full menu of delicious sandwiches and treats in their Deli and run a substantial operation manufacturing and distributing their […]