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dot org – Humans Are Weird

Humans Are Weird by Dot Org The artist pseudonym of Ian Mckewen, dot org, paired with the album title Humans Are Weird and the simple image of a man overdressed for the beach with a drink in hand sets the stage for a record that could go any direction. Before pressing play, the anticipation of […]

The White Lily – Cream

The cover art sets the tone for the entire EP – dreamy and wistful. The songs within reflect that tone, often feeling like the accompaniment to a Studio Ghibli montage where the viewer is whisked away to some far-off, otherworldly, place.

Western Medication – “Taste” (Official Video)

The video itself does a great job of capturing the upbeat spirit of the song as it shifts from bonkers party video, to performance video, to smooshy face singing, to illustrated explosions and back. Seriously, it does all those things over and over again; which is delightfully satisfying.

Volume 112

If there were more distinct episode titles for this show this one would be called “The Lonely Biscuits Apology” – as I learn a hearty lesson about judging a band too harshly simply by having an opinion on their name and not their actual music.


Here’s a little teaser of the first episode of our brand new bar and restaurant podcast, This Is The Place. Hosts Mickey Parks and Matt Meeks introduce the idea of the show and just when you start to get a little background on them – teaser over. First full episode debuts July 17th, 2018.

fan/fiction Season 1.5

What’s a half a season? Well, it’s both an opportunity to follow up on subjects and ideas from the first season and a chance to release a few nuggets of entertainment that might not fit into a proper collection of shows. So, herein, we have five new episodes that cover a good amount of ground. From a deep dive revisitation on My Little Pony and Puffs: The Play to One Off stories (think of the neglected Mr. Holland’s Opus fan/fic) to The Pilot Episode and bits that hit the Cutting Room Floor; Season 1.5 has a lot to indulge in.

S1E10: One Offs

Zach and Andrew find the loneliest corners of the Internet, pieces of fanfic with only one story written. The following question is pondered. If Avengers has 60,000 stories written and Mr. Holland’s Opus only has one, is the Mr. Holland’s Opus fan 60,000 times more committed? Answers inside the episode.