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348: Continuing the Non-Stop Landslide

Tayls, Home Visions, Drew Taylor, VibeOut. & Petty, Shane Perry, The Weird Sisters, Great Grand Sun, Gray Worry, Marissa Nadler, Lou Turner, Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection, Cult Breather, Montauk Error, Justin Shawn Hobbs

346: Dive In, Head First

Stone Deep, Vera Bloom, Gloom Girl MFG, demiatrix, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Corduroy Clemens, b l o o p r, Jack Vinoy, Harper Mayo, Gardening, Not Architecture, bifff, Makeup and Vanity Set, Purser, Molly Parden

345: You Know What Cover Songs Are

BROKE, Transylvania Stud, Willie Dustice, Six One Tribe [feat. Trip God F’RF’R and Negro Justice], Casual Sects, Tower Defense, Your Gaze, VOLK, L.Z.R., The Berlinettas, The Protomen, Sean Nelson, Airpark, Volunteer Department, SONATORE, Abby Johnson

344: Anxiety Salve

Make Yourself At Home, Wynton Existing, The Welters, Tower Defense, nobigdyl., The BlackSon, $avvy, OGTHAGAWD, Mama Would Be Proud, The Space Cadet, Threnodian, Paramore

341: Back to Basics

Snooper, Be Your Own Pet, Negro Justice & JustVibez, lawfulgoof, cosmic collective, The Nobility, Annie DiRusso, The Sewing Club, Alicia Gail, Country Westerns, Joey Kneiser, MNTN