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Sundaes – “The First Waltz”

I became aware of Sundaes with the release of the single “Pretty Wife” back in the spring of 2018. In the time since, they’ve been regularly releasing songs, performing locally and regionally and, apparently, recording a good bit of material. With the release of “The First Waltz” also comes news of a debut album, entitled […]

When Fiction Becomes Reality, LOUD BOI Emerges…

Awhile back we took a look at Loud Boi, Hush Man and Stink Linez; a real-world art experience slowly revealing itself through the pages of Salt Weekly, Instagram accounts, treasure hunts and various short films. If all that sounds absolutely baffling, educate yourself by listening to Track 2 of this album, soak in its weirdness […]

Donors – Donors

Donors by Donors If you’re a regular listener to the WOTT Music podcast, you’ve likely heard mention of the latest from Donors multiple times. The track “Help Yourself” was included on a playlist and every subsequent episode since then has mentioned the gripping power of the whole release. Let the record show, no amount of […]

Nordista Freeze – “First Time”

First Time by Nordista Freeze Back in the fall of 2019, the always-on-tour-yet-still-local artist Nordista Freeze released the single “Wysteria“, his first official musical offering since 2017’s Cosmic Haus LP. Without going into a full-on review of that track, it was an excellent introduction to something new from Freeze; stylistically and sonically. It’s a sweet, […]

Grumpy – “Davy Jones”

Davy Jones by Grumpy “In the end, I couldn’t be alone without a screen on / or something to lean on” rings the choral refrain from Grumpy’s latest single “Davy Jones.” The track doesn’t stop there with its somber reflections on how we spend our time but it’s not casting judgment either; it’s an introspective […]

We Own This Town partners with TNDP for new podcast

We Own This Town is proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) to bring you a brand new podcast entitled If You Don’t Know, Now You Know. Each episode will feature lawmakers, activists, and candidates talking about the issues that shape our lives in TN. The show is hosted […]

Music Band – “Superstition”

Just the other day I was thinking what a shame it was that Music Band had released an album a few years ago and then seemed to have vanished into the ether. Wake Up Laughing was released via Infinity Cat back in 2016 and continues to be a rather enjoyable dose of rock music that […]

Nashville Demystified presents Music City Tales from the 1980’s

Nashville Demystified host Alex Steed moved to Nashville in February of 2019 and immediately set out to learn about his new home through interviews, research and personal anecdotes. He’s discussed The Death Penalty with journalist Steven Hale, he’s dug into The Nashville Bombings with historian Betsy Phillips and educated us all on The Problems with […]

Bedroom – “Gulf”

Gulf by BEDROOM Noah Kittinger has been releasing music under the name Bedroom since 2012. The recordings have always embraced a decidedly DIY bedroom recording vibe (hence, the name) but slowly grown over time to become more layered, more textured and nuanced. Starting in May of 2019, Kittinger began to collaborate with Paul Kintzing of […]