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Smart Objects – “Die Tonight”

Smart Objects, aka Benjamin A. Harper with an almost cult-sized backing band, has released their fourth single “Die Tonight” and will be celebrating the occasion by playing at The 5 Spot on Sept 20th, 2019. Now having four singles under their belt, you’d think there would be some defining through-line of expected style to emerge. […]

Nosediver – “Gloss” (Official Video)

Nosediver is set to release a new EP with Cold Lunch Recordings on October 18th, 2019. The first preview of that release is contained within this jazzy new premiere for “Gloss.” The video, directed by bassist Josh Whiteman, was shot entirely on hi-8 and mini DV tapes to keep that VHS look intact and authentic. […]

Peter – “Pyramids // Before Space”

Pyramids//Before Space by Peter Last we heard from the impossible-to-Google Peter, he had just released the EP Bad Jazz, Vol 1, a transcendental collection of songs with both feet firmly planted in looping soundscapes and up-front tribal percussion. Now he’s returned with a pair of singles – “Pyramids // Before Space” – that continue that […]

Zakariya – “Drive” (The Cars)

Drive (The Cars cover) by ĈµAKARIYA Last we heard from Zakariya was on the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing where he released a cover of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” to commemorate the occasion. For a much more sombre occasion, he’s now released a cover of The Cars “Drive” in commemoration of the passing of Ric […]

Twen – “Make Hard”

Awestruck, the debut full-length from Twen has been lingering in the air for awhile now. The album will be officially be released on September 20th but we’ve been teased with various tracks from it since March. Seven months is a long time to anticipate something but based on what we’ve heard from pre-release singles “Waste“, […]

NGC 4414 – “Orange in the Evening”

The World Is A Fine Place by NGC 4414 Murfreesboro ambient artist NGC 4414 has been astoundingly prolific over the past year. The outfits Bandcamp is regularly added to with various EP’s, singles and collaborations. The rule of quality not quantity does not seem to apply here as each release is progressively more interesting. The […]