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Zakariya – “Space Oddity”

SPACE ODDITY 50 by ĈµAKARIYA Fifty years ago on July 16th, 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 rocket took off from Kennedy Space Port and traveled for four days before ultimately landing three astronauts on the Moon. There’s a lot to say of the technical and political implications of the journey but we’ll just leave it at […]

Levi J. Miller – God Complex

GOD COMPLEX by Levi J. Miller According to his Bandcamp discography, Levi J. Miller has some thirty-eight releases available to listen to. That’s not counting his twenty-eight other releases on his secondary page or his projects where he is collaborating with other musicians. We’ve been over this before. The TLDR of it all; Levi J. […]

A Nashville Video Sessions Primer

For almost as long as Internet Video has been available (I see you RealPlayer), there have been in-studio performances filmed and broadcast. Over time, these kinds of sessions have become easier and easier to create. The cost of great looking cameras has dropped exponentially, editing software doesn’t require a ten week course to understand and, […]

Stereo Specter – “Obsolete Man”

Stereo Specter has been releasing a handful of singles over the past few months that should not be overlooked. The latest, “Obsolete Man“, is a great place to dive in. It’s an upbeat number decrying a relationship in which the narrator was deemed obsolete and is now triumphantly trying to prove his worth; a feeling […]

Chrome Pony – “Taking My Time” (Official Video)

Chrome Pony released Past Lives back in 2016 and spent the past three years playing out, writing a bunch of new songs and working through recording false starts. Fortunately, they found themselves at Battle Tapes and were able to put down an entire record, set for release sometime in 2019. The first fruit of that […]

Soft Robot – “Happiness” (Official Video)

There’s something undeniably chaotic about the new Soft Robot video for “Happiness” (taken from Nothingness in Vogue). Three paper masked characters perform choreography along with the song lyrics while glitched out effects, datamoshing and general visual cacophony plays out over the course of nearly 4 minutes. Oddly enough, it’s a captivating experience, not an unsettling […]