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The Mute Group – “Wuthering Heights” (Kate Bush)

In celebration of their video for “Brainplate in Eb” being viewed 3,000 times, The Mute Group recorded and posted a cover of the Kate Bush classic “Wuthering Heights” from her 1978 debut, The Kick Inside. As far as covers go, they stick to the originally pretty faithfully while still making it their own. Zach Gresham’s […]

Tristen – “Dream Within a Dream”

The latest release from Tristen is a 7″ on This Man Records featuring “Dream Within a Dream” with the flip track, “Red Lava.” It’s available now digitally, streaming or on actual vinyl. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.. The song and video debuted on RS Country but has served as a concert closer for Tristen […]

Mouth Reader – Holographic Phase

Holographic Phase by Mouth Reader The Bandcamp page for Mouth Reader’s latest full-length, Holographic Phase, says it was released in April 2018. I know this not to be true as I have been anxiously awaiting a release from the band since the release of the single “Eyes Sink” back in December of 2017. It took […]

WXNA Spring Pledge Drive

From May 13th through May 19th, WXNA is running their Spring Pledge Drive. This is the community’s opportunity to give back to the station and help them cover their operating costs for the year and remain commercial free. Even more importantly, a successful drive this year will enable the undertaking to move to their new […]

Tea Time with Whoa Dakota

If you’re not familiar with Whoa Dakota take a moment to go listen to her 2018 album Patterns. It’s a fascinating pop record driven by Jesse Ott’s emotive vocal performance and consists of instrumentation choices that are surprising at every turn. For instance, “Clarity” starts as a mournful track with a banjo-esque guitar loop that […]

Ry Jennings – Poems, Prayers, Stories, Songs, and Sayings

Poems, Prayers, Stories, Songs, and Sayings by Ry Jennings In the age of skimming albums, you might be quick to judge the full-length Poems, Prayers, Stories, Songs, and Sayings from Ry Jennings as a Country album. There’s certainly a twang to his voice, as well as plenty of gently rolling acoustic guitars and lyrical tales […]

Listen to Jonathan Marx Funeral Songs

The latest episode of My Fantasy Funeral captures a discussion between host Ryan Breegle and renowned writer, musician and musical historian Jonathan Marx. Apart from discussing Marx history and insights on the passing of loved ones (including yourself), he chooses five songs that would be played at his funeral. The above Spotify playlist includes the […]