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Louis Prince – “The Number Thirteen”

With hindsight, March of 2020 was probably one of the worst times to release a record in recent memory; especially as a Nashville musician. Not only was the whole planet grappling with the notion of a new novel coronavirus but, locally speaking, folks were reeling from the March tornado. As such, you might have missed […]

Styrofoam Winos – “Stuck in a Museum”

STYROFOAM WINOS "S/T" by Styrofoam Winos Styrofoam Winos are a three piece outfit comprised of Joe Kenkel, Trevor Nikrant, and Lou Turner; all multi-instrumentalists in their own right and often with their own back catalog of solo material. Together they have been touted as an experimental and improvisational group, reading each other as they compose […]

Heaven Honey – Live at Josh’s House

Cold Lunch Recordings is kicking off 2021 with a brand new video series called Live at Josh’s House. It is, as you might guess, a series of live sets filmed at Josh’s House (that’s Josh Whiteman for the curious). The first episode premiered over at Melted Magazine and features a Heaven Honey performance. If you’ve […]

The Mute Group – “Father Figure / Airbag”

Note: The Mute Group released their debut album Sinister Hand on yk Records, curated and operated by the author of this post. There’s bias afoot. Back in October 2020, The Mute Group participated in the Festival of Ghouls, a massive multi-day streaming event with a multitude of bands sharing videos and live performances. The band […]

Ron Obasi – Sun Tapes

Every time I turn on my car, the stereo pairs with my phone over Bluetooth and starts playing the same song. Up until October of 2020, that was “Coming Up” by Paul McCartney; every day, no matter what. Then I snagged Sun Tapes by Ron Obasi and for whatever magical illogical reason, now my car […]

231: The Grand Cornucopia

Dream Chambers, Virghost, Alexander Wren, Reaux Marquez, BROKE, Josh Gilligan, Erica Case, Chico Rashad, Salt Water Baby, Justice Rhiime, Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads, f_Forever

Gee Slab – “On Me” (Official Video)

By all weights and measures, Gee Slab had a good year in 2020. The short list of accomplishments includes releasing his No Signal EP in June, a number of supporting videos, the Tenn Toes Down compilation of Nashville hip-hop to much fanfare and still managed to make guest appearances and receive personal props along the […]