Vampiric Baptism – “Not In My F**king Name”

Not sure how often you read the news these days but it’s not great. Politicians revoking bodily autonomy, artificial intelligence battling it out for creativity control, Spotify paying pennies to artists and then raising subscription prices. Unfortunately all of that pales in comparison to the genocide happening in Israel to Palestinians, made even worse by the notion that the US government is financially helping to back the endeavor. It’s maddening.

The track “Not In My F**king Name” by Vampiric Baptism can help to channel some of that frustration and anger. It’s an unrelenting track of darkness with lyrics directly inspired by the unacceptable actions in Israel, growled with the harshness that’s appropriate given the situation. All proceeds from the track will go to Operation Olive Branch and/or the homeless.

All that said, it is not my nature to end on a pessimistic note. The news is bad but there is also good news all around us. Hostages are being rescued, female philanthropists are donating billions of dollars to charities, cannabis and related prison sentences are changing for the better and loads more. Vampiric Baptism helps to channel the rage and let us all focus on righting the wrongs of our current historic course but let’s not lose ourselves fully in the darkness.