Be a Winner, Support I’m A Winner

Joy Todd, one of the hosts of The Mom Cult podcast, has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for an original short film entitled I’m a Winner. The impetus behind the film is wrapped up in the history of the podcast and Joy’s own journey into (and through) motherhood. Here’s a synopsis in her own words:

My name is Joy and welcome to this piece of my story. 12 years ago I became a mom and it rocked my world… just not quite in the way I expected. I felt like a failure. I felt angry, resentful, depressed, anxious, guilty and crazy because no one was talking about it. Journal entries about motherhood turned into a blog, which turned into a supportive mom group [The MomCult], which turned into The MomCult Podcast and eventually I found myself writing a script!

“I’m A Winner” is a dark comedy about a new mom whose idealized version of motherhood is rapidly crumbling under the weight of struggling to discern her own wants from her baby’s needs. Wracked with guilt but desperate for relief from breastfeeding, she makes a frantic run to the store for some baby formula. Unfortunately, with a fussy newborn, nothing is as simple as it should be, leading the audience through the comedic chaos and crushing isolation of early motherhood.

If you’re a parent of any kind, we recommend you listen to the discussions on The Mom Cult, as they cover this exact, strangely taboo, subject matter. Shining a light on the hardship of parenting can make it just a tiny bit easier. If you’re not a parent, you can still glean plenty of enjoyment and insight from listening in. These stories of hardship are applicable beyond just the act of parenting.

How’s that apply to a short film? Well, it’s evidence that Joy is well acquainted with these emotions and how to navigate them; often with humor and a bit of darkness. Partnering up with a solid team of Randa Newman as Director and Hope Karwoski as Producer, the team is well prepared to tackle the task of creating a successful short film.

Check the full campaign for all the details and, if you’re able, help make their short film a reality. It’ll be fun!