Ambient Country goes Nashville Ambient

Thu November 16, 2023

Thoughtful podcast Ambient Country talks with a host of Nashville locals about the ambient scene here.

Let’s talk about HR Lexy

Wed November 1, 2023

HR Lexy has a new record but hearing it is a little tricky. Clever clever.

More Halloween Music than You Could Enjoy in the Time Remaining in October

Mon October 30, 2023

The We Own This Town: Music podcast hasn’t been quite as regularly published as it has in years past. There’s plenty of good, valid, reasons for this but we knew [...]

Eight years of independent film at Defy Film Festival

Tue August 15, 2023

Defy Film Fest starts its 8th year. It's high time you attended.

Far Out Fest `666 Emerges

Fri July 7, 2023

Far Out Fest returns for 2023 with a 3-day weekend of impressive entertainment.

The Frist highlights ten Nashville music photographers in new exhibit

Fri April 14, 2023

April 21st to August 20th; make an effort to go see this.

Selections from Nashville Bandcamp Friday, March 2023

Fri March 3, 2023

A smattering of local selections cherry picked from Bandcamp that you could support with your dollars.

2022: Year End Review

Fri December 30, 2022

2022 Wrap-Up. TLDR: A helluva good one.

Your 2022 Local Holiday Music Playlist

Thu December 22, 2022

Enjoy a *local* holiday playlist. It's good for you. Happy Holidays!

Our Rock ‘n’ Roll Poll Contributions

Fri December 16, 2022

Our complete answers to the Nashville Scene 2022 Rock 'n' Roll Poll...

Spending time with ‘Horny Kid’ [Premiere]

Thu December 15, 2022

Director Josh Whiteman shares a delightful short film about his horny childhood and his eternal adult bachelorhood.

Does Anybody Make It Anymore? A Devalued Live Event!

Mon December 5, 2022

Thurs, Dec 15th at Vinyl Tap. Come by!