Spewfest V Lineup Announced

Thu January 2, 2020

The folks at Cold Lunch Recordings have officially announced the lineup for Spewfest 5 and it is, as expected, quite a doozie. The barrage of performances takes place on [...]

We Own This Town Wrapup 2019

Fri December 20, 2019

As the end of a year comes to a close we like to take a moment to reflect on the previous trip around the Sun, summarize our activities and maybe humblebrag a bit about our [...]

Climb aboard the Spaceship of the Imagination

Wed December 18, 2019

“Embrace the Chaos of Christmas” is the tagline for The Spaceship of the Imagination, a “synthesizer band turned theater troupe” that’s been [...]

Listen to the Bandsplainer Patti Smith Primer Playlist

Fri December 6, 2019

Bandsplainer, the podcast where host Olivia Ladd explains the impact of influential bands, recently tackled the massive body of work from Patti Smith. Guest Elena Franklin, of [...]

Baptize yourself in Heinous Orca

Mon December 2, 2019

We recently debuted two new videos from Heinous Orca and remarked that it felt like a coming out party for the band. Despite the fact that they’ve been playing around [...]

Watch this Local Fest 2019 documentary

Mon November 25, 2019

A short documentary capturing a July 2019 gathering of extremely diverse local music.

Contribute to the WXNA Fall Pledge Drive

Tue November 19, 2019

Support your local community powered radio station. It's a no brainer.

Meet Found Sounds

Mon November 18, 2019

There have been a number of Live Video Sessions that have popped up around Nashville area over the years – 615 Sessions, Q Sessions or even the Lake Fever Sessions if [...]

Take a Cruise Through Not New Nashville

Mon November 11, 2019

Photographer Jennifer Bair shares her photo collection from Nashville, circa early 2000s.

WTF is Loud Boi, Hush Man and Stink Linez anyway?

Thu November 7, 2019

Unwittingly, we’ve been involved with a year’s long scheme involving absurd mysteries, fictional characters, scavenger hunts and rotted meat thanks to the creative [...]

Nashville Scene features My Fantasy Funeral

Thu October 31, 2019

For their Death Issue, the Nashville Scene included an interview with Ryan Breegle, creator and host of My Fantasy Funeral. The piece, Pod Goals: My Fantasy Funeral Uses Death [...]


Mon October 28, 2019

Just 20 minutes outside of Nashville, nestled in the “agricultural district” of Antioch, lies Dogfox Studio. The community recording space run by Brandon Britton [...]