Your 2022 Local Holiday Music Playlist

As we have done for the past seven years, we’ve compiled a playlist of holiday music just for you. It’s about an hour long, it’s brought to you entirely by Nashville area artists and it runs the gamut in terms of eclectic genres. As a bonus, we really leaned in hard to the NPR style of voiceover; to really maximize your holiday vibes.

You can hear the 2022 edition of this playlist right here, in the embed below or in your favorite podcast app.

If that episode whets your appetite for more local holiday music, we got you covered! As you are preparing family meals, wrapping presents, partaking in a long drive or just generally chilling out, queue up these episodes. We’ve called this “a veritable sack full of goodies for your ears” in years past and that still seems apt!

2022: Volume 334

2021: Volume 283

2020: Volume 229

2019: Volume 175

2018: Volume 123

2015: Volume 72

2012: Volume 58

We’d love to play absolutely everything being offered by local artists for this time of year but that would result in a podcast so long, no mere mortal could possibly listen to it all the way through. Okay, maybe that’s not true but there are plenty more offerings out there if you’re interested. Here’s a handful:

Have a great, safe, holiday and be sure to keep your soundtrack local. There’s no reason not to.