Enjoy Your 2021 Local Holiday Playlist Queue

Our sixth annual Holiday Special Extravaganza episode of WOTT Music dropped this week. It’s an hour of festive and merry tunes all brought to you by Nashville (and surrounding area) artists. It’s also an enjoyably eclectic grab bag of styles and genres; not just your run of the mill standards.

Fortunately, since this is the sixth iteration of said offering, there’s many more enjoyable episodes to queue up and enjoy as you wrap gifts, prep a big meal or just order pizza for yourself. We’ve called this “a veritable sack full of goodies for your ears” in years past and that still seems apt! Click on through to the episodes below to hear more holiday cheer or just find We Own This Town: Music in your favorite podcast app and subscribe.

2021: Volume 283

2020: Volume 229

2019: Volume 175

2018: Volume 123

2015: Volume 72

2012: Volume 58

We can’t fit every single holiday offering into our podcasts so if the above list of episodes is still not enough for you, here’s some other recent offerings that you should queue right up and enjoy.

Back in 2016, Sad Baxter posted a cover of The Beach Boys “Lil’ Saint Nick” but this is a slightly reworked version for 2021. Get it over on Bandcamp.

If you think holiday music and beats are an unlikely pair, you’re wrong! They go great together. Christmas Beatday from Dallas Holladay is eight tracks of seemingly familiar samples chopped up and set to various original beats; great for zoning out or writing your own holiday verses to.

Quite deservedly, Allison Russell received a lot of praise this year for the full-length album Outside Child. However, that wasn’t the only release this year! You can also check out her moving rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” complete with a surprising French version to boot!

That’s nowhere close to an exhaustive list of available local holiday tunes but it’s a helluva start. If you want to continue your deep dive, here’s a random smattering of additional offerings:

Have a great, safe, holiday and be sure to keep your soundtrack local. There’s no reason not to.