Volume 72


This edition of the podcast is a little shorter than usual but I’m, officially, calling it an addendum to Volume 58, The Christmas Podcast. In both collections you will find a mixture of heartfelt or feelgood or rocking or melancholy Christmas songs. In this new volume we add on newly released songs, oversights from the prior release and a proper revisit to the David Argyle Thacker Mouth Trumpet Album because that simply never gets old.

  1. Timbre – Silent Night (8 Yr Old)
  2. Steelism – Christmas Around the World
  3. Birdcloud – Cool Christmas
  4. David Argyle Thacker – Jingle Bells
  5. Quichenight – Gentrifyin’ Santa
  6. Keegan DeWitt (feat Roman Candle) – It’s Christmas
  7. The Bridges – I’m Going to Lasso Santa Claus
  8. Boom Forest – Christmas Dad