Does Anybody Make It Anymore? A Devalued Live Event!

TLDR: Thursday, December 15th at 5:30pm at Vinyl Tap – Lilly Hiatt & John P Strohm join a panel discussion for a live podcast recording. First drink free from Good People. See you there.

Devalued is our podcast dedicated to discussing the intersection of art and money. Hosts Michael Ackley and Caroline Bowman sit down with artists and creators to find out how can you make it in this day in age? What even is making it? They’ve chatted with the likes of Steve Albini, Kurt Wagner & Mary Mancini, Tristen & Liza Anne, Gee Slab & Namir Blade, Suzanne Cianni and more more to work through these questions. There’s no definitive answer but asking those questions is essential to figuring it all out.

Podcast episodes help to dig into these questions in-depth but we want to expand this conversation beyond the one-way transmission. To that end, we’re having our first Devalued Live event over at Vinyl Tap on Thurs, December 15th. Guests Lilly Hiatt and John P. Strohm (Rounder Records) will be joining for a talk about the topic Does Anybody Make It Anymore?

Aside from the crucial insights we’ll all again from their perspective, it’s an opportunity for anyone that is endeavoring as an artist to come together and meet one another. At the heart of any successful undertaking is community and we can all help to boost each other. So, come by and have a free drink from Good People, meet some other like-minded creatives and chat it all out!

See you there!