Nashville Bandcamp Friday: December 2022

It’s Bandcamp Friday! For every month that the music distribution service waives their fees and gives all proceeds to artists, we compile a list of potentially worthwhile releases on the service to check out. We’ve been doing this for quite awhile, so feel free to go back into the archives and peruse previous lists.

If you found yourself complaining about Spotify Wrapped and how streaming services pay a pittance to artists for all the streams they gather, now is your chance to make good. With Bandcamp Friday, your money goes directly to the artist and none of it is shared with the service. The rest of the year, Bandcamp is still an incredibly well balanced revenue share but today provides maximum impact. If you did not complain about Spotify Wrapped, you can still pick up some music. It’ll be available in your Bandcamp App so you can stream it or you can hoard it away on your external harddrive and listen to it in Winamp whenever you want.

As usual, we’ll post about some selections over on Twitter that are worthy of your dollars. It’s not a list of everything you should listen to by any means but it’s a place to start. We’ll embed the list below as well, be sure to scroll through that and enjoy!