More Halloween Music than You Could Enjoy in the Time Remaining in October

The We Own This Town: Music podcast hasn’t been quite as regularly published as it has in years past. There’s plenty of good, valid, reasons for this but we knew we couldn’t let October slip past without publishing our annual Halloween episode! So, for the seventh year in a row, you can partake in a ghoulishly delightful mix of Nashville based scary songs with our Dark Delights episode. It’s on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and everywhere else you possibly listen – including the embed below.

The episode is two hours long! The first hour is a bit more fun and jovial before the second hour takes a deep dive into the ambient and far more spooky. If that’s not your cup of tea or you’re just ready for more Halloween music, here’s the archive of all seven years of Halloween music we’ve published. All from Nashville locals and all quite creepy good!

If that’s still not enough for you; fear not! There’s even more music to put in your ears! Here’s a rundown of additional enjoyable goods:

    Founder of Far Out Fest Bunny Ames put together this massive 38 hour playlist of Halloween appropriate tunes. You’ve got just enough time between now and Halloween to hear it all!
  • Horror Fried Podcast: Spirit Halloween
    The Halloween episode of Horror Fried Podcast is out and ready for your consumption! Go ahead and subscribe while you’re there.
  • Troubled Spirits – The Culling
    Described as “Cinematic soundscapes to drown inside of” – I can personally attest to that being true.
  • Makeup & Vanity Set: Zytel Systems I – Horror
    Back in 2017, Makeup and Vanity Set released a new track every day in October; each inspired by and themed for a particular horror movie. He compiled all of those into this album, oh boy, it is good.
  • Titus Jones – NIGHTMASH, Volume 3
    If you enjoy a bit more pop in your Halloween offerings, look no further. This will get you on the dancefloor and jaw dropping at the mashups.
  • To-Go Records Halloween Comp
    many of the tracks included in many of the Halloween WOTT podcasts are pulled from this delightful compilation; it’s a great one to check out in full.
  • The Cursed Mix of BoJoTep
    I’m not quite sure why this mix is on Bandcamp but Halloween is a time for mysteries! There’s years of spooky mixes here from a wide range of artists; some you know and some you definitely do not.
  • Bandcamp “#Nashville #Halloween” Releases
    Speaking of Bandcamp.. if you’re looking to really discover some new music from the Nashville area, I find that starting on Bandcamp looking at the #Nashville location tag and then adding in #Halloween yields great results. Try out some other spooky hashtags for intriguing results.
  • Miss Shelby and Leeann – Halloween Safety Song
    From this Hott Minute episode, the most absurd PSA. It takes a special ear to appreciate this but if you get it, you get it.