Volume 119

As Halloween approaches, it only feels appropriate to use our time together with Volume 119 to showcase the spookier and scarier side of Nashville area music. There are, undoubtedly, oversights as to what songs would fit this playlist best and if you feel passionately about what should be here, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy this journey into darkness.

If you’re looking for a version with less talking, more music – go here.

Boo Dudes – ‘Grave Robbin Grants Goblin’

Charlie Conway – ‘Skellette (feat Amy Wright (Brineaboy) and Andy Black)’

The Ettes – ‘Enyobeno’

The Non-Commissioned Officers – ‘Potion Song / Trespass’

Bows and Arrows – ‘Southern Ghosts’

Shaboi – ‘Undead Headcheck (feat Cadence)’

Terrible – ‘Thriller (Michael Jackson)’

BLVCK PØW∃Я – ‘L1K∃ â–² PЯ▲¥∃Я’

Makeup and Vanity Set – ‘House of the Devil [VHS]’

The Entity From Between Dimensions – ‘Unspeakable Terrors from Beyond the Unknown’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Boo Dudes by Eric England

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