Volume 120

We’re back with a non-themed episode of quality Nashville area music. This volume is divided into two halves; the first half leaning into several great new pop offerings and the back half mixing it up with a bit more variety in the department of genres. All and all, a great mix of diverse music coming from our fair city. Enjoy!

Sun Seeker – ‘Good Year’

Smart Objects – ‘DEVASTATOR’

Sam Hoffman – ‘December’

The Medium – ‘Good Ol Days’

Z – ‘Handed Out 2 None’

The Shadowtones – ‘Goodbye’

The Mute Group – ‘Abuses & Superstitions’

Galaxy Flowers – ‘Intro Stage’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Smart Objects by Stephen Jerkins

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We Own This Town: Music
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