Volume 121 with Lance Conzett

“All Bangers, No Bummers” – the tagline of Lance Conzett, our very special guest this episode. After reading his Nashville Scene piece, “A Look at Nashville’s Rising Tide of Pop Music“, we invited Lance to share some Pop Music discoveries (as well as some of his non-pop local favorites) and he delivered. The hour plus runtime of our time together is filled with insights, anecdotes and praise for our fine city. Lance is a rare breed of true Nashville native and it shows.

Mentions from the episode:

Phangs – ‘Always Been U (ft. R.LUM.R)’

Trevor James Tillery – ‘Numb’

REMMI – ‘Minimum Wage’

Daisha McBride – ‘Nothing Else (ft. Mike Floss)’

Pet Envy – ‘MiddleMan’

Donors – ‘Where Do You Live’

H.A.R.D. – ‘On a String’

Shell of a Shell – ‘Already There’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Lance Conzett

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