168: Halloween Spooptacular 2019

In 2017, Lance Conzett curated Volume 96 of our show with a playlist of Halloween inspired local tracks. Following suit, in 2018 we released Volume 119 of the show with a brand new set of creepy tunes. Now, here in 2019, we find ourselves with Volume 168; the third installment of Halloween tunes from Nashville area bands and a tradition officially established.

For this installment of the show, we eschew the chit chat between songs and give you 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. When enjoying Halloween music, it’s important to set and maintain a mood. You aren’t going to get that if there’s interruptions every 3 minutes talking about where to hear more from the artist! Put this one on, jump to 3:40 and let the music roll.

Each of the artists featured on this episode are listed below with links to hear more from their specific releases. Many thanks to Ethan Ballinger, Shaboi, Boo Dudes, Western Medication, Sean Parrott, Makeup and Vanity Set, Emerald Crystals, Ascent of Everest, Children of the Night and ENGINEIX for making music that fit this increasingly spoopy undertaking.

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Ethan Ballinger – “B Roll”

Shaboi – “Dr Jekyll and Ms Hideous”

Boo Dude – “NecroComiCon”

Western Medication – “The Ghost of John”

Sean Parrott – “They Were Hunted”

Makeup And Vanity Set – “No Survivors”

Emerald Crystals – “The Nemeton”

The Ascent Of Everest – “My Body Broke, My Mind Burned”

Children Of The Night – “Oneirophrenia”

ENGINEIX – “Hurt.exe”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Ethan Ballinger.

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