167: A Good Sandwich of DIY with Kathryn Edwards

First off, we extend the heartiest of thanks to the Nashville Scene for naming We Own This Town as Best Podcast Network in their Best of Nashville 2019 issue. There was no public poll for this accolade, this was a Writer’s Choice award pointed in our direction to call out the work we’re doing with all the shows we distribute from a variety of Nashville voices. We are immensely thankful for the press to say the least.

For this episode, we are joined by guest curator Kathryn Edwards, DRKMTTR co-founder, Nameless Fest creator and DIY champion. She brings seven songs to the show that span genres generally overlooked by own research; everything from Punk to Thrash to Noise to a startling engaging blend of all of the above.

Edwards is a delight to talk with not just for the insights on the music she brings but for her stance on the benefit of all-ages venues, inclusive bookings, paying bands and never forgetting the joy of making and performing music.

Selections this week include Shill, Ray Gun, Depression Breakfast, Waxed, ENGINEIX, Tom Violence and Option Anxiety.

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Shill – “Swindler”

Ray Gun – “Static Violence”

Depression Breakfast – “Professional”

Waxed – “HANDS”

Engineix – “Shut Me Out”

Tom Violence – “Rats”

Option Anxiety – “None, None, None”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Fetching Pails.

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