Eight years of independent film at Defy Film Festival

Way back in 2016, an independent film festival launched called Defy. This weekend, August 18th & 19th, the festival celebrates it’s eighth iteration and we’re here to celebrate it. The festival’s site has a little blurb about the gathering that summarizes their ethos quite well:

The festival celebrates unconventional films made by filmmakers who want to defy traditions and expectations. The festival is driven by the desire to bring unknown talent from around the world to Nashville audiences that are looking for a unique cinematic experience.

Like many creative endeavors in Nashville, the city isn’t known for being a haven of filmmakers or even voracious consumers of film. Defy’s roster of films is always fascinating and boundary pushing, proving the appetite for independent cinema is alive and well in Music City.

Take some time to browse the screening schedule and you’ll see selections that include a sci-fi short with AI generated actors, a feature film on Black communist militia’s, another on an agoraphobic podcaster spiraling into self-delusion and horror shorts about the cure for zombie bites, haunted AirBnb’s and threatening train track encounters. That’s not even 20% of what they have in store but you get the gist.

Defy is a wide variety of offerings, every year. 2023 is much the same as the previous years in that it is entirely diverse and unpredictably engaging. The real bonus is that it’s all done under the umbrella of a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the goal of truly propping up filmmakers.

Long story short, it’s been eight years and it’s high time you spend some time with Defy. Pick up a weekend pass, follow them on Instagram @defyfilmfest and we’ll see you there.