Nashville Drone begins May 18, 2024

Tho generally reserved for weddings, Emerson Hall (2512 Gallatin Rd) will be hosting the first Nashville Drone on May 18th, 2024th. Here’s the event description – confirming your assumptions!

The evening will feature 12+ local artists performing interlocking sets to create an unbroken wave of sustained sound and music. Attendees are free to come and go, but we hope you will join until the last note rings out to experience the meditative effects of extended, uninterrupted sound.

The doors open at 5:30 and the drone begins at 6pm; continuing uninterrupted until midnight. The experience is meant to be meditative, as comfy floor mats are suggested for you to lay about and let the sounds wash over you.

The evening will feature Andie Billheimer, Chatterbird, Disaster Trees, Dry Wall, Eve Maret, Infanta Silhouette, Infinite Limb, Jayve Montgomery, Jen starsinic, KCMR Rhthym Group, Loaner, Missymiss, Tyler Blankenship, Sari Hoke, Spencer Grady, McKay House, Phylicia Roybal and Kristen Carrara. That’s a lot of names but, remember, it’s a six hour performance! There will also be liquid lights from Flooded Sun. All and all, an immersive and very unique evening.

Hit up @_nashvilledrone_ on Instagram for more details and lineup features. Head over to Eventbrite to get your tickets – tho it should be noted that the entry fee is Sliding scale. If you can pay more to support the endeavor – great! – if you need to pay less – also great. If you’re unsure what to pay, they suggest whatever hourly rate you make. As a suggestion!

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