Ambient Country goes Nashville Ambient

For those that don’t know, SUSS is an ambient country trio out New York. One member of said group, Bob Holmes, has a podcast entitled Ambient Country in which he is joined by a co-host to explore a wide range of instrumental music. In this episode he takes a slightly different tact and interviews a wide range of instrumental music makers here in Nashville – including Luke Schneider, Hammock, Rich Ruth, Eve Maret, Belly Full of Stars, Joseph Allred, Gray Worry and more.

It’s a great listen; full stop. Nashville has a very strong instrumental music scene and Holmes has done a good job of talking to many of those involved with it. If it’s not a part of Nashville you’re familiar with, dive in ASAP. If you feel you already know the scene, take some time to appreciate the insights from all the artists interviewed; all of which are quite thoughtful and supportive of the scene.