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Introducing Nashville Demystified

Former Maine resident Alex Steed moved to Nashville recently. He is, by definition, a “New Nashvillian.” However, Alex is not your average relocator. Before moving to the city he emailed over a hundred people that could share insights about his new home – city council members, musicians, beer enthusiasts, residents with strong opinions, makers and […]

Listen to Makeup & Vanity Set’s Funeral Songs

Every episode of My Fantasy Funeral asks the guest to select five songs that would be played at their funeral. Host Ryan Breegle discusses each of these selections with the hypothetically deceased to discover their relevance and gravity. As luck would have it, we’ve been compiling these selections so you can enjoy them at your […]

Hurts to Laugh – “Lonely Sound”

Nineteen Eighty More by Hurts to Laugh While on tour with The Dead Deads, Hurts to Laugh found themselves joining the headliner during their set a few times and sparked an idea for a 7″ split of covers of one another. With the release of “The Lonely Sound” we can hear what one side of […]

Karate Blocks – “Speaking Tongues”

Speaking Tongues by Karate Blocks It’s been a little over one year since we’ve heard from Karate Blocks and it seems they’ve been using their time wisely. The newest single, “Speaking Tongues“, is a high-energy, sweaty, rock explosion. The ebb and flow of the verse to chorus energy is brimming with a propulsive restraint, feeling […]

Davy Crotch Rockett – JAWS 7

JAWS 7 by DAVY CROTCH ROCKETT It’s on record that “Davy Crotch Rockett” is one of the more enjoyable band names around town. It’s a bit infantile and a lot absurd but certainly memorable and amusing. Much the same can be said of their new EP JAWS 7; four songs of big, sloppy rock. Don’t […]

Twen – “Waste”

Way back in 2016, Twen released a live EP and started playing relentlessly. Those efforts seem to have paid off as the band has announced that they’ve signed to Frenchkiss Records, announced a large chunk of tour dates with White Reaper and debuted a new song on Stereogum. The new track, “Waste“, contains the same […]

Lambchop – This (is what I wanted to tell you)

This (is what I wanted to tell you) by Lambchop Reinvention is a decidedly tricky experience. Musically speaking, whenever an artist explores new aural territory they risk undermining expectations, which the Internet has confirmed to be a treacherous undertaking. If an artist is already known for consistent reinvention, lack of innovation may result in the […]

137: Don’t Skip Ahead

This episode, we start off slow with a phenomenal new track from Cale Tyson and slowly turn up the energy through offerings by Teddy & The Rough Riders, Joe Pisapia, Halfnoise and Dara before immersing in a lengthy piece from Makeup and Vanity Set.

German Error Message – “Hopelessness”

Hopelessness by German Error Message Released as the final preview single from the forthcoming album Mend, “Hopelessness” from German Error Message presents an intriguing interplay between moods. As the title suggests, the lyrics carry a particular weight to them. There’s not many of them, so let’s have a look. I woke up wrong Hopelessness pacing […]