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Glamper – “Take Your Cat Back”

Here’s a tip about creating rock and roll music; make it fun. Sure, politics are a constant burning trash fire and the planet’s ecosystem may be going to pot but sometimes people need a break.* We’re happy to debut a brand new song from Glamper that will provide you with a little respite from these […]

All Them Witches – “1×1”

1X1 by All Them Witches Ahead of their forthcoming European tour with Ghost, All Them Witches have released a standalone single entitled “1X1” – available now on Bandcamp and YouTube. No word on if it’ll make its way to streaming services. Consequence of Sound premiered the track and had a few insightful details to share. […]

Hammock – Undercurrent 10 (Halloween Is of the Devil)

Undercurrents by Hammock Sweeping instrumentalists Hammock are set to release their full-length album Silencia in mid-November. It’s certain to be a collection of grand, lush, meditative compositions and it’s an impressive testament to the bands consistent output – as it follows 2018’s Universalis and 2017’s Mysterium. One new full-length album a year is no small […]

Nashville Scene features My Fantasy Funeral

For their Death Issue, the Nashville Scene included an interview with Ryan Breegle, creator and host of My Fantasy Funeral. The piece, Pod Goals: My Fantasy Funeral Uses Death to Explore People’s Lives, tells the impetus behind the creation of the show and the approach Breegle takes when tackling such a macabre, and potentially touchy, […]


Just 20 minutes outside of Nashville, nestled in the “agricultural district” of Antioch, lies Dogfox Studio. The community recording space run by Brandon Britton and Keason James Henry with a penchant for Vibe First™ recordings; letting the magic of the moment steer their sessions rather than the normal commercial regimen. It also happens to serve […]

Children of the Night – Volume I

Vol. 1 by Children of The Night One of the most rewarding activities we partake in here at We Own This Town is browsing through the #Nashville tag on Bandcamp looking for music that hasn’t made its way across our radar. One such recent discovery is this five-song instrumental EP from Children of the Night, […]

Anchor Thieves – Psychopomp + Long Way Out

Psychopomp + Long Way Out by Anchor Thieves Surprise new single from Anchor Thieves dropped today. The lead of two tracks, “Psychopomp”, may sound familiar thanks to their Q Session performance of it back in June. The proper studio version does sound remarkably similar to that live version; complete with intricate drum flourishes, pitch perfect […]

Makeup and Vanity Set – Breaking News

Breaking News by Makeup and Vanity Set Over the past year, Makeup and Vanity Set (aka Matthew Pusti) has executed a masterclass in avoiding the pitfalls of releasing too much music without exhausting his audience or releasing half-baked ideas. Earlier in the year, he released the film soundtracks to Mather and Foyer followed by the […]

Scale Model – “Spirit Zebra”

Spirit Zebra by Scale Model Following up on their excellent previous single, “Expectations“, electronic four piece Scale Model has dropped a surprise new single in the form of “Spirit Zebra.” This track takes a much different tact than the prior. Where “Expectations” comes out of the gate swinging as a full-on dance party, “Spirit Zebra” […]