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Coach goes to Detention and Schools Us All

Don’t be alarmed by the mass of people shown in the above image! That pic was taken on New Year’s Eve at ACME during the festivities DJ’ed by RATE and Coach; a testament to the throngs of folks that would come out each and every time they put on a party. In fact, Coach (aka […]

Country Westerns – “I’m Not Ready” (Official Video)

Without fail, every single time I read the band name “Country Westerns” I imagine a band that rides the line between Americana and all out Classic Rock. Every single time I actually hear Country Westerns I am reminded that they are decidedly not that and I really need to get my head straight. The latest […]

Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series

Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series by soccer mommy Soccer Mommy recently announced Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series in which pals of Sophie Allison will be releasing a variety of interesting new songs. The first two tracks from the series are available now in the form of a song swap – Soccer Mommy covering […]

Get to know Lucinda Williams with this Bandsplainer Playlist

On the most recent episode of Bandsplainer, host Olivia Ladd was joined by Heaven Honey to discuss the legacy, influence and massive body of work from Americana trailblazer Lucinda Williams. If you haven’t heard it yet, do so now. If you have heard the episode and find yourself yearning for an entry point on getting […]

Safari Room – “Young Water” (Official Video)

Safari Room has been on the WOTT radar since the release of their first EP, Actual Feelings, back in 2018. In the short two years since that release, they’ve managed to release a handful of additional singles, a full-length and a number of live sets; all showcasing an increasing confidence in the direction of their […]

Local Venues Join NIVA to Fight for the Future of Local Music

The TLDR of this piece is simple, go here and tell your legislators to help save independent music venues! One of the earliest victims of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, was the music venue. While measures were taken to keep patrons safe early on, it became clear that stuffing people together into an enclosed room for […]

Locals Loving Locals in #NashvilleSongSwap

Erin Lightning and Zach Ferrin of Fable Cry have organized a fascinating undertaking by the name of Nashville Song Swap, in which a hat full of local band names were drawn and assigned to cover one another’s songs. It’s a simple concept that has resulted in a myriad of compelling results. I reached out to […]

Hot Car – The Fun Never Ends

The Fun Never Ends by Hot Car Asher Horton is a man of many projects. You’ve likely seen him playing a part in Sun Seeker or donning his pseudonym Rainsticks to partake in some 12-string pop odyssey’s or maybe you remember his band Fox Fun or his Mystery Bones album released under his own name. […]