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Hott Minute, now with video

When we started planning Season 2 of Hott Minute we knew we wanted to step things up a notch. Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Jamie Bradley mapped out a number of great topics and guests to bring along for the forthcoming season but there still felt like there could be a little something more. So, we […]

Volume 117

Despite the questionable narration, the music of our region continues to stretch and fill unexpected spaces. Lots of great new music in this episode from recent releases AND a tiny little bit of education on the impressive discography of Lambchop.

So Very – “Vern’s Taproot”

Vern's Taproot by So Very! The mission statement of So Very is a clear cut and achievable goal: So Very began in 2018 in Nashville with the intent to bring something danceable to the city. With that context in mind, it’s hard not to listen to their latest offering, the single “Vern’s Taproot“, with the […]

Makeup and Vanity Set – Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain by Makeup and Vanity Set As of late, the output of Makeup and Vanity Set has been staggering. Starting in May (only four months ago at the time of this publishing), he has released two EP’s inspired by Blade Runner (PRIS and Run), a remix EP he curated from fan submissions, the soundtrack […]

Episode 2, Formerly 3, Take 5

Jason and Kelly debate the magic of haircuts and interview Bill & Ted co-creator, screenwriter, and novelist Chris Matheson who kindly sheds light on a variety of topics like Ted’s mom, a proposed alternate title and some enormous robots we were fortunate enough to never see.

The Show Stopped But The Crushin’ Didn’t

Hott Minute returns from hiatus with a long list of Summer Crushes consisting of both perennial favorites and new surprises. After discussing the likes of the dramatic Mesut Ozil, the beautiful Timothy Olyphant and consistently pleasing Billy Eichner, Ashley and Jamie take a deep look at the tried and true television sitcom format.

Jeff the Brotherhood – Magick Songs

My initial shock and all of my conspiracy theories are an oversimplifying of the band that result in expectations that don’t give them near enough credit for their diversity.

All Them Witches – “Diamond”

We’re just a few weeks away from the latest All Them Witches release, ATW, but the band isn’t making anyone wait for more new music. You can now go listen to the fifth track from the album (aka the keystone) entitled “Diamond.” Much like the first preview of the album, “Fishbelly 86 Onions”, the track […]