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You Drive – “New”

You Drive by You Drive For the sake of transparency, the following album will be released on yk Records which is the label that I operate, so my bias here is strong. You Drive is a collaborative project between electronic artist Makeup and Vanity Set and sometimes-Birdcloud, sometimes-solo-songstress Jasmin Kaset. They’ve worked together in the […]

Sunroom – Demos

SUNROOM DEMOS by SUNROOM Judging a demo is a tricky art as you’re really listening for the potential of a song, rather than a final polished project. Sometimes they end up being better than the final product and sometimes they’re fascinating sketches of some masterpiece that follows. Listening to the two track demo from Sunroom […]

Charlie Smyth – The Way I Feel

“A Beautiful Noise” is the lead track taken off of the forthcoming Charlie Smyth album, The Way I Feel. It’s a collection of songs written and recorded with Smyth’s wife Kalee and produced by Andy Gibson (Hank III, Nashville Pussy) that waivers between a subdued old-school country record and upbeat Southwestern influences. During the former, […]

Sad Baxter – “Believe Me” (Official Video)

Sad Baxter’s upcoming full-length, So Happy, is due July 20th on Cold Lunch Recordings. Over the past few months, they’ve shared videos for Baby, Love Yew, Sick Outt, a 615 Sessions that includes a cover of Nirvana’s “On a Plain” and now they’ve released a video for Believe Me, another track off said upcoming album. […]

Creamer – “Drugs No More”

The first single is a dash melancholy, a dash earnest and entirely infectious. If they manage to put together 12 songs in this vein, we’ll have a helluva great album on our hands.

Justin and The Cosmics – PERF

What if a new listener, hypothetically, had never seen Justin and The Cosmics perform live? What if, perchance, that listener was only familiar with the band through seeing their name on the marquee at The Basement? What if, *theoretically*, the listener assumed that based on the band name that the outfit was a jam-band style outfit focused more on guitar solos than anything else? Well, let me tell you…

Commander Keen – Dying in the South

Throughout the record there’s a sensation of palpable frustration through the lyrics – both in terms of content and their delivery – and I can only hope this means that Dying in the South is a call-to-arms to escape the confines of the Southern stereotype.

Only – “Jerk”

“Jerk” extends the bands post-punk musical style and adds the additional flavor of female vocalist Josephine Moore.