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Create Your Own Normal

Des Stauffer shares with us her journey through denial, grief and joy as she raises her funny, neurodivergent, strong-willed, differently-abled, music-loving, extroverted, youngest daughter.

354: Radio Radio IV

Join in as we continue to dive into the depths of the 2023 backlog. Even if you’re a Nashville Local Music Expert(tm), I bet there’s some surprises and treats in here. Are you aware that Namir Blade has an alternate Bandcamp for his ambient compositions? Did you know Vera Bloom can sound like Joan Jett […]

HR Lexy – Every Scar is an Open Door

Every Scar is an Open Door by HR Lexy Back in November we put the word out that HR Lexy was crowdfunding for a new record called Every Scar Is An Open Door. Along with that informative smoke signal, we also gushed about how entrancing a live HR Lexy performance is. That crowdfunding campaign is […]