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The It City – “Make It Look Easy”

Have you ever been at a wedding and the band starts to play and you immediately think about how corny they are? Then, fifteen minutes later, you find yourself indulging in the sincere performance and letting go of your indie rock baggage to just enjoy yourself?

Cave Mode Shake – Time Traveler’s Party

Openly citing The Strokes, Tame Impala and Radiohead as your influences is a quick way to earn a massive eyeroll from any potential new listener. Fortunately, Cave Mode Shack manages to not fuck it up.

Volume 113

The one with no script but tons of great music. The range of genres and styles that Nashville has been delivering lately has been excellent.

Z – “456”

Z is, as far as I can tell, the new project from Mom & Dad’s Zach Prosser. Their Instagram has only a handful of posts and a Bandcamp account has two songs posted from late in 2017. All that is to say, it feels pretty new. The Window Light Show video for “456” starts with […]

DoomFolk StarterKit – Documenting Fear, etc

Documenting Fear, etc. (Sketchbook) by DoomFolk StarterKit David Swick has undertaken a work-in-progress / work-in-public endeavor he calls DoomFolk StarterKit. The gist of the project is as such: DoomFolk StarterKit is an on going sketchbook series where I write and record a song on my iPhone in (about) one hour and then post it in […]

Safari Room – Actual Feelings

A deceptively simple presentation of pop songs with more going on than one would expect in such a short run time; including but not limited to drum machines, samples, dance-y bass lines and space-y guitars.

OAFROTT – All Art Must Be Destroyed

All Art Must Be Destroyed (EP) by Oafrott With a title like All Art Must Be Destroyed and a thank you credit that reads “For disgusting troglodytes everywhere”, it’s safe to assume that whatever OAFROTT has to offer, it’s going to have a strong opinion. And that it does. With the first track, “The President […]