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The Blam Blams – “Opening Night” (Official Video)

The Blam Blams will release Opening Night on August 28th, 2020. It’s a concept album that, according to this No Country for New Nashville post, will tell the story of Sydney Fable who is “a bisexual actor/ artist in 1970’s London that is stepping out onto the stage both literally and figuratively as he begins […]

211: A Rabidly Active Scene

Savoy Motel, The Blam Blams, Jordan Lehning, Emma Swift, The Guac Mamas, asadsangabi, MNTN, Sundaes, Fu Stan, BeHoward, Bamboon Sauve, vast ness, Doug Lehmann, Jaguar Gold, Woodsplitter, William Tyler

210: Minimal Talking, Maximum Music

Da Real A1yo, Thunder Lily, Cohn Jondit, Midtones, Creature Comfort, Tim Gent, Blksunchild, Young Soul, The Viking Program, jain, Electric Python, Soft Robot, The Guac Mamas, Uncle Knuckle, Blood Root, Carmen Canedo, Charlie Whitten, Jeremy Fetzer

$avvy – “Bag/Purse” (Official Video)

$avvy comes to Nashville by way of Huntsville, AL and California; a mixture of habitations that has yielded both a unique sound and perspective in his creations. His latest single, “Bag/Purse”, came out in May of 2020 but got the official music video treatment at the tail end of July; giving new life to the […]

Malibu Blackout – “Zombie Disco”

Malibu Blackout premiered their single “Zombie Disco” today off their forthcoming EP, Sir Devil Dude (due out in September). The three piece rock band has been around for a few years in the Nashville area with the EP being their first formal release outside of a trio of introductory singles. The track is steeped in […]

Defy Film Festival Goes Virtual

2020 marks the fifth year of the Defy Film Festival, a gathering of independent film creators focused on genre-breaking selections that was named “Best Indie Film Festival” by the Nashville Scene. While there may not be a lot of competition in that particular department, it is particularly noteworthy that the 501c non-profit has been able […]

Jordan XX – “Highs and Lows” (Official Video)

There’s an absolute music video renaissance happening in Nashville and it’s largely entirely hip-hop videos. We’ll talk more about that later but, for now, make yourself keenly aware of the new Jordan XX video for “Highs and Lows,” directed by Seck. Taken from Surfing: Highs and Lows, this title track is emblematic of Jordan XX’s […]

Helly – “Let’s B Friendz”

Helen Gilley is involved in a number of projects, most notably in the band Butthole and as a director for the likes of Lilly Hiatt, Jasmin Kaset and Quichenight (to name just a few). Recently “Let’s B Friendz” was released, the debut offering from Gilley under the pseudonym Helly. Like much of Gilley’s work, it’s […]

Heaven Honey – “Tomorrow I’ll Try” (Official Video)

Back in May, Heaven Honey released the single “Tomorrow I’ll Try“, ostensibly as the flip side to her prior single “Total Abandon.” Both released via Cold Lunch Recordings and To-Go Records, they are distinctly separate releases but feel like two sides of the same coin. Where “Total Abandon” is hard-hitting, “Tomorrow I’ll Try” is subdued, […]

Support Cold Lunch Recordings

Cold Lunch Recordings is many things; it’s a record label, a show promoter, festival organizer and non-profit relief refund. They’ve put out releases from Sad Baxter, Heaven Honey, TTotals, Fever Blush, Hari, Bleary, Nosediver and loads more in just the past few years. Those releases are fueled by undertakings such as Spewfest, Brown Bag Fest, […]