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Bad Luck Mattress – Doom Of The Damned

Doom Of The Damned by Bad Luck Mattress The digital liner notes for Doom of the Damned cite this record as the “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the 1986 horror film, Doom Of The Damned.” IMDB and its ilk have no such record of any film by that title. The mid-80’s were a rather fruitful […]

Tenn Toes Down

If you’re curious about Nashville hip-hop, there are a number of resources across the Internet to help educate you on some of the stand out artists. This 2019 Thrillist article or this 2020 DJ Booth piece are both quality places to start, as is this WOTT Music episode and Spotify playlist curated by Lance Conzett. […]

The Festival of Ghouls Rises Again

Starting today, Thursday, October 29th, the Festival of Ghouls will be broadcasting live a series of unique performances over on their official site and Twitch stream. What’s the Festival of Ghouls, you say? Well, it’s “an annual Halloween-themed convergence of emerging artistic talent and creativity exhibiting musicians, dancers, puppeteers, aerialists, sideshow performers, physical and digital […]

221: The 2020 Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween Spooktacular with Charlie Whitten, PETTY, Shaboi, Poly, *repeat repeat, Smart Objects, Boo Dudes, Terry the Horror Clown, sugar sk*_*lls, Malco, hellvalleyskytrees, Bad Luck Mattress, ace quaalude, Oginalli, Black Bra

The Kernal – “U Do U” (Official Video)

My introduction to The Kernal came with the release of the most recent single “U Do U,” primarily through the cover art depicting a man in purple robes and a fedora floating in space above a sea of adoring photoshopped fans. To behold such an image was more than enough to pique my interest but […]

Partake in the Spirit of DRKMTTR

We are, obviously, huge fans of the DIY-inspired venue DRKMTTR – not just for the artists that they support but also for their community outreach efforts like Nashville Free Store that they have spearheaded. Music venues have been hit incredibly hard during the quarantine as they can not have in-person events but DRKMTTR continues to […]

Shaboi – Curse Walk

Curse Walk by Shaboi Curse Walk* is the one and only release by Shaboi. It was released in 2009 and we’ve talked about it many times. In fact, this is at least the fifth mention of the record in the history of We Own This Town; likely more than any other album has been mentioned […]

Musicians for Marquita Bradshaw set for Oct. 20th

On Tuesday, October 20th, Third Man Records will host Musicians for Marquita Bradshaw, a live streaming telethon event to raise funds for U.S. Senate candidate Marquita Bradshaw. If you aren’t familiar with Bradshaw and her platform, check out this episode of our TNDP podcast in which she discusses her history and her plan for fighting […]