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Love You Later – “Harder on Myself”

Love You Later, aka LYL aka Lexi Aviles, is an emerging pop artist that claims residency between both Nashville and LA. While this may roll some eyes for the hardened Nashville old-timer, it makes a great deal of sense for the kind of music she’s creating.

Anchor Thieves – The Havoc Siren

The Havoc Siren by Anchor Thieves On a previous episode of the WOTT Music podcast we played a track from the new Anchor Thieves release, Havoc Siren, but the entirety of the EP is a noteworthy experience that should be indulged in full. Anchor Thieves has been releasing records at a consistent pace since 2011, […]

Abstract Black – In Circles with Self

A meditative journey comprised of longform, looping, compositions that build upon themselves through saxophone, clarinet, bells, percussion of various varieties and repetitive vocal clips.

doo. – AstroBeing The Next Aion

AstroBeing The Next Aion by doo. I’m a sucker for many many things when it comes to music but if you’re album art is a highly stylized illustration of some celestial realm and your album title is some ambiguous reference to The Next Something or Other, I am going to be immediately intrigued. With that […]