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Styrofoam Winos – “Pecan Shoulders”

Styrofoam Winos are an improvisational three-piece comprised of Trevor Nikrant, Lou Turner and Joe Kenkel. Their full-length Winos at Home! is a collection of ambient creations, some jazzy numbers and, occasionally, a bit of country flair. “Pecan Shoulders”, the track and video embedded above, does a good job of embodying the Styrofoam Wino Aesthetic™ as […]

Depression Breakfast – Just Because I’m a Womxn

Just Because I'm a Womxn by Depression Breakfast The debut album from Depression Breakfast is a full-on blast of punk rock energy with every song exploding with unbridled energy before (somewhat quickly) wrapping up. This is par for the course with Punk Rock but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t leave you seething with energy. […]

Thad Kopec & Cale Tyson – “Fade Me Away”

“Fade Me Away” is a new track from Thad Kopec and Cale Tyson taken from a forthcoming collaborative EP entitled Who Hurt You. Now, Tyson has relocated from Nashville to the Los Angeles area, so including this track here may seem like a bit of a stretch but given the enjoyability here, we’re going to […]

Adrienne Franke – Falling Leaves (OST)

Falling Leaves (Original Score) [Live at the Belcourt Theater] by Adrienne Franke Back on Episode 148 of the WOTT Music podcast, we featured the track “Plans to Save” from Adrienne Franke. The piece was taken from a Belcourt performance put on by the Hyasynth House that paired local electronic musicians with silent films; allowing them […]

Z – Trauma Center

TRAUMA CENTER by Z If you haven’t heard our WOTT Music episode with Z, do so now! Take any singular track from Z‘s latest release, Trauma Center, and you may find yourself experiencing a chunky onslaught of riffs and snotty vocals mixed with effusive screaming, or you might find a sweet pop song with programmed […]

Zakariya – “Space Oddity”

SPACE ODDITY 50 by ƵAKARIYA Fifty years ago on July 16th, 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 rocket took off from Kennedy Space Port and traveled for four days before ultimately landing three astronauts on the Moon. There’s a lot to say of the technical and political implications of the journey but we’ll just leave it at […]