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The By Gods – “Eureka”

Eureka by THE BY GODS It’s been a minute since The By Gods released their excellent full-length album Move On back in October of 2017 but a recent press release announcing their newest single “Eureka” reveals that they’ve been anything but dormant in that time. “This is the first single we’ve put out since our […]

Voted Best Podcast Network

In the Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville 2019” issue, We Own This Town was awarded the Critic’s Pick of Best Podcast Network. We even got a few of our hosts together in one room to take a snazzy photo together. It goes without saying but we’re shocked, flattered and quite proud of the accolade. Many […]

Ryan Mims – “Wax” (Official Video)

Finding information about Ryan Mims is surprisingly difficult. There’s a Twitter that hasn’t been updated since June and a few tidbits that he’s a founding member of the group Internet Strangers, a rather un-googleable but surprisingly enjoyable search term. What is known about Mims is that he’s got a rather impressive video for his debut […]

Sean Parrott – The Hag

THE HAG by Sean Parrott Sean Parrott is, first and foremost, a comedian. Aside from doing actual stand-up on a regular basis, he also helps co-host two podcasts (Which Is Better and Food Court Movie) and occasionally puts out some original music. Hopefully that helps frame your listening experience when diving into The Hag, a […]

Don’t miss Cassette Store Day 2019

Cassette Store Day started in 2013 over in the UK. Over time, it grew to have a presence in various other countries, including a pretty hefty celebration in the United States thanks to backing from Burger Records. Here in Nashville, local label Banana Tapes has taken the helm and created an all-day blow-out that not […]

Fetching Pails – “Shearer” (Official Video)

Fetching Pails is the solo endeavor of Jill Townsend. You may recall her presence in the band Nightblonde, or Murfreesboro’s Bent Fur, or lighting up the stage during a New Year’s Eve recreation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The End. She’s performed in numerous outings but Fetching Pails debut, Telekinesis for Beginners, is […]

NoiseMatter: A Counterculture of Sound

This weekend, October 11th and 12th, there will be a gathering of musicians and experimenters creating sounds that weave their way between hypnotically transfixing and brutally assaulting your senses. The inaugural Noise Matter fest is a two-day undertaking that gathers musicians from Nashville and the surrounding Southeast to celebrate in the creation of non-mainstream music, […]