I Would Like A Prize

Sarah’s wondering if she exists creatively anymore, Joy can’t keep her calendar straight, and guest Margaret French is struggling to get her kids off to school in the mornings. The girls talk about feelings of inadequacy, regulating emotional outbursts, and the different levels of self care. Join us.

About our guest:
Margaret is a wife and mom, actor, singer, improvisor (you can catch her often Third Coast Comedy Club), sometimes writer and native Nashvillian. She has three children 8,6,4 – who all just had birthdays within 5 weeks of each other and Christmas — she would like to never set foot in Target again. She doesn’t know how she is already fully in elementary school mom life because she is definitely still 27. She is sort of a stay at home mom, until she isn’t. All depends on the season or the gig. She loves working out, and swears by it for her sanity, re-arranging her house, being married to Gavin and has started reading again now that her children are getting older.

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