Cloudmouth – “Take Me To a Lake” (Official Video)

Back in July of 2023, we premiered the Cloudmouth track “Take Me To a Lake.” In the time since, they’ve been playing plenty of shows and chipping away at a video for the track. Speaking of which, if you didn’t already catch the Nashville Scene premiere, get this video into your eyeballs ASAP.

Vocalist Kyle Numann has a nice bit of insight on the making of the video over on Instagram, pasted below:

It was the summer solstice, and I asked my wife Emily “will you bury me in the backyard tonight?”. Despite us having a healthy relationship, she said yes.

We’d just finished making a new flower bed in the front yard and had about 40 square feet of topsoil and dirt heaped in a pile in the backyard. For years I’d had a loose vision of a scene of human faces emerges from the earth, and I figured this was as good a chance as I’d get to capture something that would satisfy the creative itch.

We filmed it using a smartphone, with natural light and only an on-the-fly idea of framing and pacing. This ended up setting the tone for the rest of the video: filmed with handheld smartphones, pulling scenes together as we could, using only practical effects, and considering the editing stage as a ‘canvas’ to bring all these disparate scenes together to form a full visual flow.

The burial of Numann in the flower bed is just the start of the video, as his other bandmates find themselves buried (and emerging) in other ways. It’s downright incredible what you can do these days with a great idea and the determination to execute it. Cloudmouth is no stranger to worthwhile videos (see here and here) but it’s always great to see them continue a trend across so many years.

Catch the band live Feb. 10 at The Cobra with Jenny Wood and Feb. 22 at Drkmttr with Zook.