Patrick Sansone – “Measures”

Patrick Sansone announced his debut outing as a solo artist with this upcoming Centripetal Force / Sansonica Records full-length, Infinity Mirrors. The first track to be unveiled from the release is “Measures,” a nearly eight-minute long soundscape of synthesizers that builds, ebbs and flows in a delicate and meditative manner. The oscilloscope-style video embedded above assists in that focused meditation, asking the viewer to keep locked in through the duration.

The record has six compositions in total, each exploring their own sonic territory while still connecting with one another. A full album review can cover more of that topic but rest assured, if you enjoy “Measures” you will the enjoy the variety offered through the rest of the record as well.

Follow Sansone on Instagram, dive into his Discogs, listen to his other bands Wilco, Autumn Defense and Mellotron Variations and keep your ears peeled for Infinity Mirrors to be released on March 1st, 2024