Videos from Nashville artists

Beau Burnette – “Lean In” (Official Video)

Fri June 24, 2022

Burnette was told his video idea would cost $10,000. So he leaned in to the challenge and made it himself; much cheaper.

Andrew Adkins – “Broken Fangs” (Official Video)

Fri May 13, 2022

Blending psychedelic percussive grooves with a dash of menace and foreboding.

Heaven Honey – “Grenadine” (Official Video)

Mon April 18, 2022

Heaven Honey continues to push visual boundaries with the latest video for Grenadine.

Six One Tribe – “10,000 Hours” (Official Video)

Fri March 25, 2022

The official video for the first single off Six One Tribe's full-length is a real hype monster.

Les Ailes – “Beside Myself” (Official Video)

Tue March 15, 2022

Les Ailes continues to showcase a mastery of the mesmerizingly melancholy.

Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – “Saturday Drive” (Official Video)

Wed January 26, 2022

The first single from Sean Thompson's Weird Ears forthcoming album; a delightful dose of Classic Country.

Joe Kenkel – “Sweeping” (Official Video)

Wed January 19, 2022

Brand new video for the lead single off of Joe Kenkel's excellent new album, Naturale.

Negro Justice – “Dutch Masters Thesis” (Official Video)

Mon January 3, 2022

2021 was a good year for Negro Justice. He released an excellent collab EP with Gee Slab entitled Resplendent, did a phenomenal cover of “Clint Eastwood“, joined [...]

Sundaes – “Boys Who Made Me Cry”

Mon January 3, 2022

Sundaes embraces a new direction with a new single and video for an upcoming EP, Boys Who Made Me Cry.

Sundaes – Country Sundaes

Wed December 8, 2021

Sundaes gives us something completely different; a collection of beautifully rendered Country Classics.

Tower Defense – “In The City” (Official Video)

Fri December 3, 2021

A good music video doesn't have to have a heavy concept, sometimes they can just be fun.

Terry Presume – “Act Up” (Official Video)

Thu December 2, 2021

The immersive video from Presume is a nod to 90s animation and a great gateway to his debut EP.