Videos from Nashville artists

Matt Mahaffey: Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, Nice Guys Finish Happy

Check out Matt Mahaffey’s (Self) combo performance + talk at the 2013 TEDxNashville conference, “Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, Nice Guys Finish Happy.” In it, he speaks to his experience dealing with major record labels, producing big radio friendly bands and creating sounds for ad agencies – all of which, apparently, required a great deal […]

Birdcloud – Did You Go Swimmin?

Did you know Birdcloud had a second album entitled One More Again? It’s maybe not as Instant-Classic as the first batch of songs but with absurdity like the above, “Did You Go Swimmin’?” and “Snail Trail” – it’s hard not to love.

Jota Ese – Super Dank II

In case you missed it, Jota Ese released a new mixtape / album / video on April 20th. Some might call it Record Store Day but I think there were other obvious reasons. Regardless of the why, it’s another fine release from Day Old Records and Jota Ese.

Echo Group – “Gia”

Echo Group – “Gia” Echo Group will be providing the soundtrack for the forthcoming Balee Greer line at the Local Honey Spring Fashion show (starts at 6pm on Sunday). They’re playing three tracks – one of which is the free download “Gia” embedded above. Looking forward to more.

Hotpipes – “Answer Your Telephone”

Hotpipes – Answer Your Telephone Another week, another reminder that Hotpipes have a new record coming out May 7th. The band is also playing this Saturday at Grimey’s Record Store Day celebration and I imagine they’ll play this one. The video features a pretty freaky looking paternal demon figure – you know, as a good […]

Vinyl Thief – Faces

Vinyl Thief – “Faces” Did you catch Vinyl Thief at the last Road to Bonnaroo? They put on a great show despite having the unfortunate timing of having to go on first. You can see a great live performance video of the band playing “Faces” and a few more tracks over on All tracks […]