Gloom Girl MFG – “Litterbug” (Official Video)

In just under 3 minutes and 30 seconds, Gloom Girl MFG manages to pack in a great deal of tension, catharsis and swagger with their official video for “Litterbug.” Visually, there’s layers of textures, vintage footage, glitch and performance creating a cacophony of color vying for your focus. It’s a clever decision that adds to the mood of the song and invites multiple viewings. More importantly, the song itself is a blast of hard hitting rock, emitting hints of classic rock and the early 90s underground. The vocals snarl and taunt at you, in a way that feels impressively confrontational and expertly performed.

“Litterbug” isn’t the latest release from the band but it’s an excellent starting point. Go subscribe on Youtube and follow @gloomgirlmfg on the ole IG.