Quez Cantrell – “Talkin’ My S#!T” (Official Video)

Hip-hop verses are notorious for bravado. It’s a hallmark of the genre for an emcee to boast and brag, most often about their material successes. Quez Cantrell flips that on its head with “Talkin’ My S#!T” and finds some bravado in his tenacity to survive hardship. The track title isn’t about spouting off incessantly, it’s about finding strength from enduring pain and allowing yourself to feel the pride of making it through that hardship.

The video features Cantrell and TheyNeedWeez at a family event in a cemetery, the real life burial spot of Cantrell’s brother who was murdered in 2020. Cantrell is no stranger to openly embracing pain and hardship as source material as noted in this Nashville Scene interview in whch they discuss his excellent prior release, 9.

Cantrell recently performed at Cafe Coco backstage, has been yearning for the Titans ear and talking about his process. He’s a fascinating, talented, insightful emcee channeling some legit difficulties into cathartic enjoyment.