Bats – Good Game Baby Album Release Show

Whenever possible, make the effort to go support artists at their record release shows. Over the last few decades it’s become easier and easier to record an album but that doesn’t mean it’s become any less difficult to make a record. Case in point, Bats newest record Good Game Baby is an intimate and personal cataloging of break-ups, car wrecks, death, unrequited love, tears, relapses and just generally feeling different. I can’t say for certain but I imagine that level of outpouring was not easy to write, perform or present in front of people. So, when you can, go support such a thing live.

However, the world isn’t perfect and maybe you couldn’t make it out. In those cases, there’s good folks like Sean uh that have made the whole thing available on YouTube. It’s an excellent recording of a stellar performance of an album that deserves all the praise it’s receiving.

However you consume the Bats release show, make sure you also toss a few bucks their way. Buy a cassette or CD, a download or whatever else appeals to you. I’m sure the intention of Good Game Baby wasn’t entirely to make money but, hey, it can’t hurt to show your appreciation so maybe there will be another one in the future.