Lydia Luce – “(h)our glass” (Official Video)

Back in 2021, we chatted with Lydia Luce about her album Dark River. It’s a beautiful piece of work; delicate and sweeping at times, bouyant and melancholy at others. Luce’s voice and the accompanying strings always keeping you engaged.

Her latest album, Florida Girl, is now available everywhere. We’re still getting familiar with the album as a whole but this video for “(h)our glass” released a few months keeps rolling around in our brain. The vocals have a painful yearning while the music sweeps in with a lilt of optimism. More importantly, for me, the visuals of the black and white video are mesmerizing; particularly the distorted fish bowl and broken shadow shots. It’s sensual, romantic, distorted and incredibly artfully done.

Spend some time with the video and let it be your gateway into Florida Girl.